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About Me

I love to learn for the sake of learning, I like to be open minded. I love to talk about astronomy and high level physics that I read from Hyperspace by Michio KaKu or Brain Greene The Elegant Universe.

Actually Love the idea of the Black Hole I may have watched the Nova Episodes a million times.

Love art museums and actually been to the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and also the The Globe Theatre and many other places.

I'm work on Bar Coding as my Senior Project in my General Mathematics degree. Also taken higher level courses in Discrete Mathematics So I have a interest in Coding and Cryptography. My Abstract Algebra need s to be strength more for better proofs.

I'm very enthusiastic about learning as much as I can about Robotics, Amateur Ham Radio, Electronics, Programming and Mechanical Tinkering.

Oh I also love puzzles and clocks.