Vacuum Former

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Vacuum Former

A custom built vacuum former

Basic Info

  • Ownership: John Sugg 100%
  • Location: Between the Bike Shop and the Vinyl Shop
  • What it looks like:
Vacuum Former

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Custom-built Vacuum Former
  • Part Number: J


not specified


Training is required before using. Contact John Sugg to set up a training time


See John.

Authorized Users and Trainers

Certified Trainers

Trainer NameCertified Date
Bill Putt13 November 2012
John Sugg13 November 2012
Terry Wynn21 November 2013

Authorized Users

User NameTrained ByTrained Date
Bill PuttJohn Sugg13 November 2012
Brian WennbergJohn Sugg13 November 2012
Eric MerrillJohn Sugg15 October 2014
Jeff BannowJohn Sugg12 November 2013
John SuggJohn Sugg13 November 2012
Matt ArnoldJohn Sugg13 November 2012
Roger SlykhouseJohn Sugg21 November 2013
Terry WynnJohn Sugg21 November 2013

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