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! scope="col" | Skill
! scope="col" | Skill
| Rocco Marras
| Matt Arnold
| Vinyl Guru
| good
| Zone Warden  
| Zone Warden
| Nate Warnick  
| Nate Warnick  

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Vinyl Cutter-US Cutter Refine MH-720
Name Purple Black Vinyl Cutter
Owner 100% Nick Briksy
Make Model
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location
Authorization Required
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  1. Design your sticker,sign, or shirt.  You will need access to vector graphics software to do this. (Illustrator, Coral Draw, Inkscape, or SK1)
  2. Export as a vector format, but not SVG. (At least for Inkscape, EPS format works well.)
  3. Turn on cutter at the power strip and the red switch on its left side.
  4. Use the V+/V-/F+/F- arrow keys to set speed to 8 in/s and force to 30g.
  5. Move the 3 levers in the back to the up position so you can feed in the vinyl.
  6. Vinyl feeds face-up, in from the back and out the front. The cut will start at the silver stylus - position accordingly.
  7. You will want to use vinyl wide enough to fit under at least 2 of the rollers, so that it doesn't twist while cutting.
  8. Move the 3 levers in the back to the down position to hold the vinyl in place.
  9. Open FlexiSign Pro and import your file. (Don't worry about size and position just yet. TWSS.)
  10. File->Cut/Plot... (Ctrl+L)
  11. If asked, choose "MH-721_3@COM4"
  12. In the Cut/Plot dialog, you can adjust size and position. (The bottom-right corner corresponds to the silver stylus / origin.)
  13. Click the "Send" button at the bottom-right to print/cut.
  14. After the cut is finished, move the 3 levers in the back to the up position so you can remove the vinyl.
  15. Pay for the vinyl you cut ($1 per linear Foot sign vinyl and $2.50 per linear foot for shirt vinyl. Scraps are free.
  16. Use a pen knife to to crop to size if necessary. Scraps can go in the scrap bin.
  17. Use picks to peel out the vinyl that you don't want in the final product.
  18. Apply transfer tape to the surface, carefully lift the sticker from its backing using the tape, and apply to target of choice, squeegeeing out any air bubbles.
  19. Or for shirt vinyl, apply to shirt with heat press.

Maintenance Info



Operator Name Skill
Matt Arnold good Zone Warden
Nate Warnick ok
Dustin White pretty good
Bacon The leader of the Vinyl Revolution
Fireman Dave Master Vinyl Cutter