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Zone Information
Zone Name Vinyl Shop
Zone Warden(s) Marie-Therese Enga
Zone E-mail
Map Area G
Zone Color Orange

Almost all of the rolls of vinyl we stock are fourteen inches wide.

Currently, the vinyl shop contribution box asks for two dollars per linear foot of vinyl used.


Vinyl Inventory List

Vinyl Inventory List
Item Number Color / Type Amount /yards or inches Have / Need
WP56066 Sunshine Yellow 50 Have
WP56073 Sapphire Blue 50 Have
WP56059 Yellow 50 Have
 ? Pink 20 Have
N/A Clear Transfer Tape 14 in Have
2950-1503-002 PAINT MASKING FILM  ?? Have
N/A Transfer Tape  ?? Need
k04125352 Silver  ?? Have
K10275082 Red  ?? Have
J06155244 Blue  ?? Have
L05225285 Blue  ?? Have
L02115302 Black  ?? Have
J08115216 Orange  ?? Have
5025 Teal  ?? Have
4775-1515-010 White  ?? Have
A6135-0-A Yellow Opaque  ?? Have
K05085146 Brown  ?? Have
4775-1503-076 Pink  ?? Have
J11015226 Translucent Green  ?? Have

ToDo List Notes

Fix Graphtec