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Have stuff you want to offer to other i3Detroit members? Don't bring it to the real, physical graveyard at i3Detroit! That's for losers. Instead post your offerings to this Virtual Graveyard list. If a member wants your stuff, you will be contacted and will take it off your hands. This keeps i3 from flowing over with "maybe someone, someday will want this" items.

Add your posts with the following format. Edit this page directly.
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Example Object

  • Owner: Joe Bob
  • Description: The fanciest lil object you ever did see! Want it?
  • Contact:

Items for the Taking

Several Barco 800 Series CRT projectors. (one works, there are some cool lenses on these things.)

Several Weed wacker engines.

-Ben Dunshee ben at rfc791 dotORG

Labelprinter.jpg Dymo LabelWriter 315 - May or may not have the power cord. Attaches to computer with USB. Works! -Nick Britsky nbritsky at gmail dotCOM