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A little background info: Spring/summer 2013, we came to the realization that we weren't all necessarily on the same page about what the organization's goals are. The bylaws have some blurb at the top but let's be more specific, shall we? Meetings were held, and the results were announced at the July 16th meeting.

We came up with four quadrants:

  • What the organization should be
  • What the members should be
  • What the organization should not be
  • What the members should not be

And that helps us focus our energy, encourage appropriate behaviors, sanity-check ideas, etc. Here's the data:

i3 Detroit Organization Members
Should Be Member-operated and non-profit Teachers and learners
An inspiration to the community Inspiring to each other
A resource for auto-dydactivisim (self-teaching) Willing to share their (good and bad) experiences
Dynamic and diverse Willing to fail loudly and ask for help
A conduit to present new opportunities to its members Self-starters willing to give others a nudge
A promoter of education Active participants in the organization
A place that provides superior member experiences People who leave things better than they found them
United by philosophy, not tools or specific interests Respect and promote the safety of themelves and others
Should Not Be A help desk service Uninterested in developing new skills or using them
A contract engineering source Anti-social
Just a hangout Only looking for a hangout
A talent agency "Customers"
A fFormal educational institution People who want to set up their private shop
A storage facility
A recycling and disposal agent
An auto shop / repair facility