Wait, but only for a little while

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After waiting just the right amount of time for instructions on how to proceed, the unkempt, slightly distracted-looking person notices you again and says, "Hi, I'm Bunsen. Let's get this baby started, eh?" Before you can respond and despite your vague misgivings about this person possibly being Canadian, Bunsen continues, "Whatever you do, don't press any of those buttons. Those are add-ons that I haven't perfected yet. Pressing the black one, in particular, will waste a lot of your time." These words actually put you at ease because they didn't sound like something a Canadian would say. Bunsen presses a few keys on a laptop, frowns at the screen and then turns back to you and asks, "Do you know Processing?"

Do you

Lie: Yes, I've done more Processing than a Hormel spam factory!

Tell the truth: Nope, I'm more of a Lisp programmer myself

Tell the truth: Yes! I love me some Processing!

Fall on the floor and pretend to be dead

Fall on the floor, dead

Wander off somewhere else