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Ross here.  The wood lathe is located in the northwest corner of the shop. This page is dedicated to recording reference material and extra resources pertaining to the wood lathe.

Please only use this tool if you have received one-on-one or class instruction first. If you are experienced with wood turning, please simply contact me before using the lathe for the first time.  It is my favorite tool at i3Detroit and I jump at the chance to show people how to use this fun, rewarding machine.


Dave Trull with the Trull Gallery ("The Fine Art of Furniture Making", as he says at the end of every video) has provided several wonderful visual guides to basic lathe technique.  Use these as reference - watching these does not count as instruction as far as i3Detroit's wood lathe is concerned.  Speak to Ross about using the wood lathe before using it for the first time.  It is a slightly different machine than Dave uses in the videos and you need to know what those differences are.

How to use a wood-turning lathe

Variable-speed wood lathes

Preparing wood for a turning

Types of wood lathe chisels

Sharpening the chisels

Turning a ball

Basic technique