Wood Shop Training

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Introductory Wood Shop Class

(Group or Individual Training)

  • Wood Shop Tour
    • Safety glasses, dangling hair, hoodie strings, hearing protection, etc.
    • Cleaning up: shop vac, brush, dustpan, broom, trashcans
    • Giant dust collector should not be switched on-off frequently
  • Grizzly 16in Band Saw, Craftsman 12in Band Saw
    • Differences between the two band saws
    • Miter gauges and fence
    • Using the band saw light
    • Power switch/EPO location and operation
    • Workpiece materials compatible with these machines
    • Raising/lowering the upper blade guides
    • What is resawing; careful alignment is required for resawing
    • Holding the workpiece safely
    • How hard to push the workpiece
    • Why you should never pull the workpiece
    • Sawing along a pencil line (hands-on w/ Craftsman)
    • Sawing curves (hands-on w/ Craftsman)
  • DeWALT Miter Saw
    • Pin to lock down the arm
    • Line up the blade with the shadow from an overhead light
    • Clamp the workpiece for best accuracy (cannot hold it still by hand)
    • Stop the blade in the down position (less chance of kickback)
    • Pull-out support
    • Zero-clearance fence (less splintering on back side of workpiece)
    • Setting angle of blade (vernier scale)
    • Roller stand is available for longer wood
  • Delta 12in Disc Sander
    • Power switch location/operation
    • Workpiece materials compatible with this machine
    • Holding the workpiece safely
    • Cleaning with cleaning stick
    • Dust control

Possible Future Topics

  • Rockwell Drill Press
    • Power switch location/operation
    • Workpiece materials compatible with this machine
    • Clamping the workpiece safely
    • How hard to push the drill bit into the workpiece
    • Marking an accurate hole location
    • Center punch / center drill to begin holes
    • Selecting drill bits
    • Changing drill bits

  • Introductory Class Project
    • Birdhouse

Advanced/Specialized Wood Shop Classes

(Small Group or Individual Training)

Advanced Drill Press Topics

  • Adjusting the table height
  • Setting the vertical travel stops
  • Using a drill press vise
  • Dust control system
  • How to tell when a bit needs to be sharpened
  • Changing the drill speed
  • Using Forstner and other large (over 1/2 in) bits
  • Consumables costs
  • Using brushes or sanders in the chuck
  • Making fixtures for repeating hole locations
  • Making fixtures for workpiece clamping

Advanced Disc Sander Topics

  • Adjusting the table angle
  • Selecting sandpaper grits
  • Replacing sandpaper disc
  • How to tell when the sandpaper needs to be replaced
  • Consumables costs
  • Review all core topics above
  • Adjusting the table-disc clearance
  • Making special tools and jigs

Advanced Band Saw Topics

  • Dust control system
  • How to tell when the blade needs to be replaced
  • Consumables costs
  • Adjusting the table tilt angle
  • Selecting a blade
  • Replacing the blade (tension and tracking adjustments)
  • Adjusting Upper and Lower blade guides
  • Setting upper and lower blade guide clearances
  • Resawing
  • Making fixtures for locating/aligning the workpiece

Dovetail Joints

  • TBD

Mortise and Tenon Joints

  • TBD

Wood Shop Class Projects

(Small Group or Individual Training)

Hardwood Candlestick Holder

  • TBD

Rolling Equipment Cart for Your Home Shop

  • TBD