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A discussion of the past, present and future of the wall removed from the former kitchen, current classroom, in i3Detroit's Ferndale facility.

On 12/5/14, Jamie Burdeski emailed the member list with a multi-phase plan as a PDF to renovate our facility's kitchen to create a clean and quiet space. The goal of the plan was to make possible many functions previously impractical due to dust and noise. The goal was widely supported. The first phase was moving out the kitchen stuff into the common area. The second phase culminated in tearing down a wall.

It turned out that wall originally supported part of the ceiling. But it had always supported it improperly. So we installed a portable extending pillar. We hired an engineer to examine the structure and make a recommendation.

Another contractor installed a permanent pillar and finished the ceiling where the wall was removed. They began September 29, 2015. The room is still closed off for continued remodeling. See Classroom Remodeling.