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General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Paint the Snack Shop Vending Machine It is currently primed from a long ago attempt at painting 1
Fix the Dixie Narco Soda Machine controller The controller software (maybe hardware?) is not completely stable, debug and fix 1
Update Dixie Narco Soda Machine page Information and links to documentation on the controller running it right now and the software in the most up to date state should be on that page 1
Comission the new vending machines reconnect, test, repair (if needed), fill, and use the new machines 1
add wiki page for new vending machines that's it, all possible info and manuals please 1
Build new commons tables collaboration between welding and wood shop to design and build new modular commons tables 1

Equipment TODOs

4x8 Utility Trailer
  • Put a sign on the trailer that indicates usage rules.
  • Mount the spare tire to the tongue.
Infocus Projector
  • Make a permanent home for the remote control
  • Route VGA/Composite cables from the projector down behind the screen to the audio hookup location
  • Add an HDMI adapter and chromecast
Parts WasherBuy Fluid, we used 5-10 gallons of purple power last time, research concentration needed and dilute to appropriate cleaning ratio.
Add a oil pan warmer to heat cleaning liquid.
Philips HeartStart OnSite AEDExpiration date is listed as December 2016.
  • Reseal everything!
  • Run air line drop from above.
Tandem kayakAdd a couple pulleys so the gearbox is reachable from the floor.
Vacuum FormerVacuum pump needs repair as per (jan 16, 2019)