Flywheel Energy Storage Unit Meeting 06-05-15

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6/05/2015 Meeting

Fundraising Effort

Current funds raised and pledged $920

  • Ken could not attend Big M due to last minute emergency
  • Mini Maker Fair Ann Arbor?
  • Need to complete Awesome Foundation Grant by weekend of 6-14-15
  • Maker Faire Detroit: Communications, handouts (CNC key chains), donation receptacle, demo flywheel
  • Indigogo: Communications, video, pitch writing

Flywheel Design

  • Bicycle force study development. Design of experiment to determine force needed to accelerate rider to cruising speed. We marked off 100 meters and with a stop watch we measured the time it took to accelerate. Next week we will ask for volunteers to run a full study.

Preliminary results:

Konrad - 100 meters 20.47 seconds

Ken - 100 meters 24.23 seconds

Mike - 100 meters 20.11 seconds

  • 3D modeling of bicycle - work-in-progress
  • Energy balance and first level sizing - work-in-progress