HOWTO use the Samsung CLP-620ND

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This is a color laser printer, with built-in networking and duplexing. It's on the network at (mnemonic: "62" from the "620" in the name) and physically located in the fab-lab.

This equipment is no longer in the I3 shop. This page is maintained for documentation and historical purposes only

Operating cost

Please reimburse for every impression you print, whether or not you end up keeping it! Mistakes use toner too, and I'd rather not bear that cost out of my own pocket. Best estimate is that a page with a reasonable amount of color costs roughly 25 cents. The billiards-balls demo page apparently uses about twice that, but hopefully we're not going so crazy all the time.

There's a small pouch attached to the printer into which you can stuff coins, bills, and IOUs. Please write your name on the IOUs so we can settle them up later!


Letter-size plain paper only, please. It doesn't do well with cardstock, it can't feed envelopes, and it definitely shouldn't be used for silly stunts like toner-transfer PCB processes.



  1. Open "System Preferences" from the Apple menu
  2. Open "Print and Scan"
  3. Click the "+" button under the list of printers
  4. Select the "IP" tab on the dialog that pops up
  5. For protocol, select ##FIXME##
  6. For Address, enter ""
  7. Click "Add"


Drivers are on If you want to expand this section with more detail, please do so!


On a Linux box, CUPS does not appear to have reliable drivers for this printer. Google finds some people who tried the ppd file from Samsung, but didn't get useable results.


If things aren't printing, don't just randomly mash buttons on the printer. This is silly and likely to waste your time, and annoy the printer. Instead, see try to actually troubleshoot the issue.

Please don't change the printer's IP address or configuration, it is not at fault. Seriously. Don't do it.


100% Nate B. This is my personal printer, you're welcome to use it, but if something's weird, please don't attempt to fix it without talking to me first!