MIG Welder - Miller Millermatic 212

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MIG Welder - Miller Millermatic 212
Name Miller "Millermatic" 212
Zone Welding Area
Owner i3Detroit
Make Model
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location In the Welding Shop on the East wall
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Documentation http://www.millerwelds.com/om/o238118d_mil.pdf
Other References


This is the new MIG welder that was purchased in Fall 2014. It is very easy to use and has many automatic settings.



Maintenance Info



Authorized Users and Trainers

User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Ken Siegner Jody Raiford 2015/09/21
Nate Warnick Jody Raiford 2015/09/21
Tom Kim Jody Raiford 2015/09/21
Nate Wallace Jody Raiford 2015/09/21
Vivian Sanders Jody Raiford 2015/09/21
Jody Raiford Jody Raiford 2015/09/21
Dan Shepard Jody Raiford 2015/11/08
Dan Pawlak Jody Raiford 2015/11/15
Jonathan Devine Jody Raiford 2016/7/24
Matt Schmotzer Jody Raiford 2016/7/24
James Freed Jody Raiford 2016/7/24
Andrea Cozart-Lundin Jody Raiford 2016/02/06
Trainer Name Certified Date
Jody Raiford 2015/09/21