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If you are looking to become a member, go to the New Member Orientation page.

Scratchpad of things new members should do, know, or be familiar with. For further categorization later!

Prioritize by required, suggested, optional? Before applicant status, before key, first month after key, second month after key?

  • Sign yourself up for the i3Detroit-public mailing list.
  • Come to the space at least once during Friday Nite Tours
  • Come to the space at least once during a Tuesday night meeting, with something to show for show-and-tell. (Approach someone before the meeting about getting into the agenda.)
  • Get in the CRM
  • Make a first (perhaps token?) dues payment
  • Get a Slack login
  • Get on the members-only google group
  • How many fire extinguishers are there in the space? (and if you're the puzzle-solving type, there may be clues on their bottoms.)
  • Name the maker of the AED in the cabinet by the front door. (And name the condition for which it would be used.)
  • Who is responsible for providing safety equipment while you work in the space? (And if you'd like to use some common/shared PPE, where's it stored?)
  • Name 3 of the machines in the space you consider most dangerous, and who you'd consult for training before using them (table of blanks)
  • Get a wiki account (link to how) and put something on your userpage. See a few other userpages for examples.
  • Fix a few wiki pages. Find an orphan page (meeting minutes are okay as orphans, find something else) and give it some inbound links, for instance.
  • Pick one piece of equipment you care about, and (create or) improve something about its wiki page.
  • Install the printer drivers and print the updated page, and fasten it to the equipment.
  • Get to know a zone coordinator, and identify some of the zone's needs.
  • Review how to get, and how to relinquish, a member storage plot. And the recommended container.
  • How many members does i3Detroit have? (hey, do regular members have access to the statistics tab in the crm? otherwise it's found in the most recent meeting minutes)
  • How many janitors does i3Detroit have?
  • Name a member you've met who is not a board member, officer, or zone coordinator.
  • What do they do?
  • Find the space's phone number on the website, and call it from your cellphone. Who answers?
  • Read the Genie manual, and take it for a spin.
  • Find the standing rules, and name a rule you find interesting. Bonus: Find an apparent contradiction.
  • Give a tour for a visitor, and make notes of the things you have trouble explaining/answering.
  • Fix-and-tell
  • Member advocate role somehow?
  • Make a vinyl bumper sticker
  • What do if toilet clogged?
  • Name a skill you'd like to teach