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2011-10-11 i3 Detroit, October 11, 2011, Board Meeting

7:30pm Start, Meeting held at i3 Headquarters in the Commons
Meeting Summary

Member Survey (Nate B) - Currently being developed.

Ticketing System (Ted H.) - Will create a lmited ticketing system for emails that arrive at "contact@i3detroit.com" with potential plans for further expansion.

501c3 Non-Profit Tax Status Application (Ed P.) - Currently in progress, will probably be completed next week.

Parking Permit Logging (Nate B.) - Will be established. Dustin W. will setup a logging system

Business Cards (Matt. O.) - Ordered, cards are expensive. Nate W. suggests looking for discount vistaprint codes for a better deal. Rocco M. will look for more affordable options.

Kiln (Dustin W.) - The new kiln is in the former bike shop area by the welder.

Plasma Cutter (Nate B.) - Will need to be moved a ventalited area. Perhaps bricks placed underneath to catch any hot byproducts.

Piano (Nate B.) - Trever Cook, the owner, has promised to have it moved out to his new home, soon.

Sprite Chaser (Dustin W.) - Dustin W. has contacted Nick Britsky, owner, about his plans for removing the displays.

Squiggle Trike (Nate B.) - Nate B. will ceiling mount this.

Bylaws: Fees & Dues Section (Ed P.) - Ambiguity of term “member” will be addressed by placing a hyperlink to a FAQ describing difference between different types of ‘membership’.

Scanning: Safety Waivers & New Member Forms (Nate B.) - Nate B. has scanned all safety waivers and new member orientations. Will need help to file the PDFs by date and name.

New Member Forms (Nate B.) - In the process of redoing the member forms to incorporate orientation process.

Parental Waiver (Nate B.) - Will incorporate parental waiver language into i3’s safety waiver for “Parent/Guardian” sign-in.

TechShop (Nate B.) - There’s a possibility for collaborative cross-promotion. Options will be presented to the board as they become more definite.

Halloween Party (Ted H.) - Planning to begin this Thursday at 7:00. Matt O. will be creating and sending out flyers.
Communications Methods (Ed P.) – Based on his travels, Ed P. will be introducing new communication methods to help our board meeting become more productive and will be used at the next meeting.

Detroit Nation (Matt O.) - Matt O. will be attending this networking event on behalf of i3 Detroit.

Space Camp (Ed P.) - Space Federation has pushed back their Milwaukee-based event “Space Camp”, a conference for makerspaces originally planned to be in January, to a later date. He will report back with more information as it becomes available.

Adjourned, 9:02pm

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