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2011-11-15 i3 Detroit, Regular meeting, November 15, 2011

Chair: Dustin White

Start 7:33pm, Held in the commons


Hans Chen

James Kemp

Jeff Korolski

Keith Mannisto

Rocco Marras

Ed Platt

David Scholl

Roger Slykhouse

Alex Stach

Matt Switlik

James Valleroy

Dustin White


Motor City Battery

Dustin W. – Went to motor city battery, with 80 lbs of batteries, got 12 bucks. They are looking for a non-profit to help out. They accept used car batteries, they want to setup a drive for i3, for the profit to be given to be us. They’ll take nearly anything, except for the small cell batteries.

Chemical Donation

Keith Mannisto - Will make a donation for our lab out of his own supplies.


Dustin W. - Will be held this Saturday. i3 funds will be used to pay for materials. We are currently under $500. Ted Hanson moves, Rocco 2nd, $500 to Dustin White to approve potluck, Vote: 10 approve, no one objects, motion passes.

Woodshop safety class/talk

Dustin W. - This Saturday, David Alverez is going to teach a power tool usage and safety class, 10am this Saturday.

Heating, Doors, and Fans

Roger S. - We are heading into winter. The heats on, keep the doors closed, try to keep the office area doors closed. Fans should not be on full blast, should be shut off before leaving. We want to keep this place from freezing. The furnaces, 3. It costs a lot of money to keep the place warm, wear a sweater.

Eric M. - Push the run button on the thermostat, the switches for the fans are by the front door and the men’s bathroom door.

Clear tables

Dustin W. – The tables have been very clean after spray painting the tables with the message to keep them clean.

Dust collector

Dustin W. – Nate Warnick is in the process of ordering the correct ductwork for the collector and it will probably be completed after the Potlock.

Tool Damage

Ted H. - Somebody damaged the table saw’s fence and it will cost about $50 to fix. We still do not know who did it. Steve Hermann says he noticed damage about 3 weeks ago. Reminder, if you are unsure about how to use a tool, ask someone! Someone will know how to use it.

Big Ass Shelves

Rocco M. - Rocco found a set of shelves, can put shelves everywhere to better use the space. Designed for putting on pallets, will put some in and then further explore.


Ted H. - The Clawson team will not be working here, they are have their own shop in their school. He would still like to support the team, would like i3 be the sponsor. If you are interested, have an idea of bringing in another team, talk to Ted H. to figure something out. Nothing’s on the table right now.

CNC Update

Allen – The CNC is running.

Tech Shop

Karen C. – She became the new educational director of Tech Shop. An Open House, for December, Techshop, Karen Corbeil. They will be having a CAD/CAM class soon and you don’t have to be an active member to join.

Camera proposal

Eric Merrill - 72-hour mailing list vote – We will publish a proposal, for vote by the general membership.

New people intros

New Business

Adjourn, 8:24pm

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