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2011-12-13 I3 Detroit, December 13, 2011 - Board Meeting

7:37pm, Start, Held in the i3 Detroit Commons

Chair: Eric Merrill


Nathaniel Bezanson
Hans Chen
Ted Hansen
Paul Kerchen
Rocco Marras
Eric Merrill
Matt Oehrlein



Potluck Aftermath

Eric Merrill - There are a large number of items in the graveyard after the PotLock cleanup. Pictures of the items should be posted on the general list so that owners know to remove the items or get a parking permit. Rocco has volunteered to help remove things.

End of 2011 Survey

Nate Bezanson - Nate and Dustin have developed a survey designed to allow everyone else an idea of what other members think. It will be released after its completion.

Camera Proposal and Vote

Nate Bezanson - Currently suspended until further work is done on it.

Ticket System for Contacting i3

Ted Hansen – Ted has been planning to setup a ticketing system to respond the email to contact(at)i3detroit.com using a Bugzilla server. He will contact the appropriate members next week to further develop this plan.

New Member Intros

New Business

Calendar Review & Summary of Upcoming Events

Eric Merrill - He will schedule a calendar review in February. For the month of January 2012 – Cheryl will have her book party on January 7th, Brian will hold a Gcode and Lathe Code class, Matt Oerhrlein will host a programming class, and Nate Bezanson intends to hold a laser class after Matt’s class.


Paul Kerchen. – Will perform treasurer duties until the end of January 2011. Everyone else discussed different ways to make the duties of the position easier to perform. This include 1) having incentives and/or penalties for automatic payments; 2) payments over different time frames; 3) Outsourcing bookkeeping duties; 4) Using a different online payment system; 5) Having ‘working members.

Fire Extinguishers

Eric Merrill – Our fire extinguishers need to be recharged.

Pop Fund

Ted Hansen - Ted will take over control of the pop fund.

Laser Fund

Eric Merrill - Eric will talk to Ross about laser fund about AB’s laser cutter and how to deal with the accumulating surplus.

Contact # for Tour

Ted Hansen - Currently our website says to contact Nick Britsky for a tour of i3 Detroit. Ted Hansen will ask Nick to change number for contact.

Adjourned, 8:48pm

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