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2012-01-08 Board Meeting

January 8, 2013

Chair Dustin White

Start 7:30


Nate B

Matt O.

Matt Arnold




David Scholl

KAren C.

Dustin White


Bad dog (maybee)

Greg Smith


Nate B - we were approached yesterday afternoon from the detroit modern quilting guild. I responded in an email. This would be like 30 guests...we don’t have a way to rent out space to big groups. This is just something that we should view as a gap--there are a bunch of different groups out there that are looking for places to meet

Dustin- maybe we are better off just telling them we take donations.

Ted- but your question is, how do we structure it from outside?

Karen I think in these cases, we need to ask some of them to become members, or they need to find members to sponsor them

Ted- or we take an explicit vote on a case by case basis, there is not reason that we can't bend our own rules if “so-and-so” wants to host a group.

Nate- the other thing is that can the space be “quiet” on a certain day at a certain time...and typically the answer on this is no.

Ted- but on a case by case basis...I think we can accommodate

Nate - If it’s a recurring event, I guess so.

Rocco- What happened to i3west??

Nate W- That would be a perfect place for this kind of group.

Karen- groups like this don’t really understand how we run...fabric and this floor do not mix.

Ted- if they want to spend a significant amount of cash to rent out the space for a certain amount of time, i don't think we should have any issues.

Nate- I like to think that if we have a group such as this come in...we should welcome them

(dog barks.... and interrupts NAte B)

Dustin- Next step?

Nate B- waiting for an email reply// The detroit area modern quilt guild.

Nate B will give status update when he hears back from them

2013 business registration

deadline is the 17th

Ted- I am going to do it tonight if anyone wants to help, yay!

Ed’s Birthday

everyone cheers, but Ed is not in attendance because he is out dancing for his birthday.

Karen has an announcement

Karen- So I am happy and sad to announce in approximately a month I will be moving to Madison Wisconsin.... BUt I will not be joining Sector!!!

Everyone Boos

I talked to our former president Matt O. and he is willing to take my place, as long as everyone is cool with that...I will do an official pass off at the next board meeting.

Brodie- I will check the bylaws to make sure there is nothing really formal that we have to do for this.

Rocco- One of the rules is you have to dress up Like karen and drive the car...

Karen- Flowers in your hair every day!

Dustin- I will fill my heart void with things.

Karen gives everyone cookies

New Business

Dustin- something happened the other day...there was a tasting at Bnektar...A Certain member carries a pistol. I later went home and I guess that a certain member got quite drunk, and he got his gun out and set it on the table and that is a felony. I talked to an attorney, and For the record, your blood alcohol level has to be below .02 to carry a concealed pistol.

Ted- the easy thing to do, is set a policy, that minimum you cannot be intoxicated and carrying a gun at i3Detroit.

Nate B- it doesn't need to be written down it is already a law.

Ted- in terms of action- we just want to notify Brad stating what the expected behavior is.

Roger - there is another situations - like parties.

Dustin- Most people who carry are smart enough not to carry when they know alcohol is going to be involved

Roger- we should post something to the member list - about guns and intoxication and the laws.


Ted moves to contact the member personally from the board Karen and ted will discuss with member and we will follow up with an email to have the situation in writing.

New business con't

greg smith has applied for a grant from american association of wood turners.

Roger- do we want to talk about the pop fund? We don’t have a policy for what we want to do with it...and its accumulating...parties are paid for with the fund.

Check was cut for Greg Smith

Ted- who has access to quickbooks?

Adrienne- me and Ed

Ted- are there different levels of privileges?

Adrienne- I will look into it. Also once our free trial runs out, it runs about 10 bucks a month, is that reasonable

all agree

Bug Tracker Issues

New lease needs to be negotiated - Dustin

Ferndale Business registration - Ted

New Flyer - Assigned to MAddy Matt A. And Dustin

Forklift Is Fixed!!!

Needs Zone Coordinators- Dustin- All Set!

Vinyl cutter area needs a warden in Feb. - Matt Arnold offers.

i3West- needs a champion.

End 8:18pm

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