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2012-03-13 i3 Detroit Board Meeting, March 13, 2012

Chair: Ted Hansen

Start 7:31pm, Held in the Commons


Matt Arnold

Joe Bender

Nate B.

Hans Chen.

Karen Corbeill

Kristine D.

Mico Detronik

Wallid Elsady

Nick Evans

Jim Fortune

Ted H.

Rocco M.

Eric Merrill

Matt O.

Nate W.

Dustin W.



Dustin W. - $707 before lights and paddle rack. He wants $1,000 for a budget for Potlock.

Tentative Approval $300.00, up for general vote. General Vote, $1,000.00 , to Authorize.

Camera proposal Dustin W. -Wait until next, until next Tuesday, out for list vote

-For vote at general meeting

Ticket system update

Ted H. – Dustin and Matt O. set up on it. Ted hasn’t installed plug-in for email. It’s starting off in testing mode. Ted will go ahead and work at it., Dustin – it seems intuitive and easy to use.

Business Plan for Moving Next Door

Matt O. - Nothing to Report, he will work with Kristine to work out business plan.

Kristine’s Party

Another Twisted Toys and Mad Scientists, April 7, 2012.

Under 18, Visitors – Require Parents – and Waiver, in parenti loci form.

Maker Faire Party

Need some individual control over alcohol. We will hire a responsible individual to watch our party. We need to reach out to Maker Faire to let them know if we have a party. Ted. H. will let Nick know to arrange this.

Tiered Membership -

Ted H. – Half our revenue comes from core/non-core members Proportion comes from both. About a ¼ of members are core, rest non-core.

More information for a survey.

We still want more information. We should have a survey, to see if the possibility of a single-tier, or less for other tiers.

Move Board meeting to 7:30pm – Passes with Voice Vote



Adjourned, 8:39pm

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