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2012-05-05 i3 Detroit, Board Meeting - May 5, 2012

Start, 7:31pm, held in the commons


Hans Chen

Kristine Diven

Ted Hansen

Rocco Marras (by proxy Hans Chen)

Eric Merrill

Matt Oehrlein

Nate Bezanson

Nate Warnick

Dustin White



Hans Chen – TechShop Detroit held their People Mover Challenge, i3 Detroit & District VII’s joint entry won first place, Kristine Diven, Micho Detronik, and Hans Chen won a printrbot for the space.

Space Camp

Ed Platt – Space Camp’s Conference in going to be in the San Francisco Bay area next week. Ed will be attending the conference, please let him know if there’s anything that should be discussed at the conference.

i3 West(w/field trip)

Eric Merrill – Negotiated with landlord about leasing space in the next door office “i3 West.” Initial setup would require us to electrify the door, replace a window, and create a man gate for the fence. The lease would be month-to-month, with electricity costs to initially be 10% of the building’s usage.


Dustin White – Nate B. bought an 8-channel digital video recorder, we need to determine how to have the setup.


Board went over open issues and determined plans for solving them.


Eric M. –We need to add a feature to the CRM that can log and generate receipts for charitable donations, with appropriate user restricts to avoid fraud. In the meantime, a paper/carbon tabular might be helpful to log donations, as well as a remittance form for donations

Ted H. – No one is allowed to give receipts for donations without the approval of treasurer, Kristine Diven, or her appointees.


Nate B. – Assessing the status to determine if it should be fixed for sale or kept.


Hans will call IRS to determine why we aren’t showing up on IRS.gov website list of charities.

Adj. ~8:30pm

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