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2012-11-13 i3Detroit Board Meeting November 13, 2012

Chair: Dustin White

Start 7:30pm


Dustin White

Karen Corbeill

Maddy Winans

Steve f00f

Matt Arnold

Roger S.

NAte W

Nate B


Paul K

Ed P (hangout)

Matt O (hangout)


Potlock Money

dustin: i kind of went through and retooled ht elist a bit,. I cleaned up the list a little bit. We need a fence around the kiln.

Karen: burn and melt prevention.

Dustin: is $700 do-able for potlock

Adrienne: yes that is fine

Proposal will be sent to the mailing list to spend up to $700

Camera proposal final

Dusitn: This has been a ticket item for a long time

Tool Crib

One facing the tablesaw

Electronics room

one up that can see both doors

one above the commons area looking towards the CNC machine

one in the metal shop - high injury risk

ONe by the laser cutters

one on the exterior of the building

we have 8 cameras. Does that seem reasonable to everyone? We can tweak to please.

Proposal to be sent to list for camera placements

Large tool forms

Nate W: We just need to make sure we get these filled out of the laser cutters because they haven't been filled out yet.

Dustin: do the injection molders belong to the shop?

Nate B: they need to still be filled out regardless if the shop owns them or not, otherwise people would just dump things here and say it belongs to the space.

Nate B: The Large Dinosaur?

Large Dinosaur is to be moved to a better location or removed from the space


Maddy: Lease is up April 1, 2013

Dustin: we are going to need to negotiate so we don't get a rate increase.

Adrianne: Eric MErrill said he would be happy to help us negotiate

NAte: we could push that we pay our rent on time always.

Ted: We could always move

Dustin: B Nektar doesn’t seem to think they will be here past three years, it might be a good idea to stay in this space so we can expand to the open space next door when they move.

Ted: So for points on the lease... 3 years with a 6 month out? We want to try and keep same rent and splitting the electrical service. Does it help to put a minimum on it? How much rent are we willing to pay? We pay $2100 right now

Adrienne: It depends how much money we want left over at the end of the month. We wanna stay where we are at ideally

Dustin: once we get this door thing figured out for i3west we are going to be doing a couple more hundred a month.

Ted: Has anyone negotiated a commercial lease before?

Nate B: Eric merill

I3 west

NAte B: I was going to introduce the notion of abandoning it completely.

Ted: the lock box hasn't been fabricated yet. But I don’t think we are going to get it done by the end of November. We might be done by the end of december

Nate B: is anyone going to use it?

Ted: Should we open the discussion back up to the list?

KAren: how much is the rent?

Dustin: $300, everyone has already voted yes. I didn’t like the idea of it from the begining

Ted: I was neutral on it, but because it was month to month

Karen: i say we bring it up at the next member meeting to see if people are still interested in it.

Nate B: the act of saving it will hold it’s spot.

Nate W: What has to be done

Nate B: Everything is on the mailing list.

Ted: there is a punch list that needs to be done.

Dustin: it’s basically the lock box that needs to be completed. We need a project manager, and a champion

Nate B: that was me and i will willing say that i have failed at it.

Ted: We need a champion!

Maddy: we need to bring it up at the regular meeting to see if people still want to use it

KAren: we need to have reasons to have it;

Steve F00f: Should there be an audit period if we don’t use it for three months?

Ted: Board meetings can be held over there.

Action: We need a champion by the end of November, it needs to have progress by January 31st and done by January 31 or *plbt* (per Karen)

Moving funds around

Nate W; A handful of us, think that we need to move some money over to savings

Ted: we have a an “oh S***” fund that we sit on. So how much should we bump it up to?

Nate W; We should bump up emergency fund to $5000.

Ted: 5k is two months rent.

Paul K: realistically we want a 6 month survival fund. we want 6 times monthly rent. It’s in the tens of thousands of dollars

Funds are to stay where they are. Savings will not be increased except at the discretion of the treasurer.

Zone Coordinators

Dustin: I think we need to refresh these

Brodie: How do you become a zone warden?

Dustin: I will put out an email with a list of zone wardens and people can volunteer.

(doorbell rings)

Action: Mantis ticket made Email will be sent to list

Cleanup reminder

Dustin: Nate and i have talked to Steve (Hermann) several times about cleaning up the metal shop. I am not sure how to approach this.

Nate B: its a habit, there really is not much else we can do. I am going to start walking people through areas and ask them if they have cleaned at the end of the night.

Matt A: its difficult sometimes when you don't know where items go.

Roger: is there an alternate model where spaces clean up once a week?

Karen: can we create a box for each zone that’s a box for “i don’t know where it goes” at the potlock?

Steve f00f will talk to steve about cleaning the metal shop

new promotional flyer

Matt A: I am interested in helping with this

Karen: I want a new one because the info is extremely outdated

Matt A: It is very vague in certain places. We need some more information on membership levels.

Ted: I think there needs to be a bigger picture of me on the front (lololololozzz)

Matt A: What would help me out would be someone helping with it.

Brodie and Dustin W. offer to help; a day will be chosen to drink hot cocoa and collaboratively create a beautiful new brochure

B-Nektar Membership

Dustin: I’m talking to brad; he wants 6-7 guys that need memberships here because they need large equipment. He wants to know if he can have a reduced fee membership.

Nate B; this needs to be brought up to the whole membership

Karen: this is something that the board needs to create and then present to the membership

Dustin: what is a reasonable amount to charge these people

Karen: $200 for up to 6 people?

Dustin: They won’t be using the space nearly as much as anyone else.

Roger: is it still the same amount of access

Nate B; My concern is that they won’t be tuned into the mailing list

Dustin: We would need to make sure that Brad is giving the information to his employees.

MAtt A: the first time that communication fails to happen we might need to revisit this.

Steve f00f: if we did give him a reduced rate for his employees what if we have him open up his business for events that we have here?

Ted: I would prefer to have no special cases; so what about this: he has a couple normal memberships for a couple of his guys with keys; and all his other employees come in as guests.

Nate B: I agree except making a family membership. But i think that is worth also revisiting for cases like this. It might be a better way to strike a balance. BUt it comes back to are they put on the mailing list, etc.

Steve f00f: our rates are already extremely low

Brodie: would he still buy memberships if we don't give him a special rate? If we still charge him a regular rate, then he might decide he doesn’t want it and we will lose out on that money.

NAte B: Propose we do nothing, and just let his guys come in remotely?

Dustin: he wants to padlock his door on his side for our protection.

Ted : he should buy a membership for 3 or 4 of his senior list and treat them as regular members, anyone else will be considered a guest

Steve f00f: I can agree with nate but i don’t think we should pass up 3 or 4 more memberships I agree with ted as long as everyone signs a waiver

Ted: get brads opinion and see what he thinks

Dustin: i will talk to him next time i see him

Teaching Classes Policy

Dustin reads proposed policy to teach classes written by roger

Karen: i think this is an extremely helpful policy

Nate B: Two questions, this is not to be a profit making unicorn? I don’t see anything wrong with making profit?

KAren: I think this is a great guideline

Nate B: There is a line on how it must be done and how it can be done.

(dustin leaves in anger) (not really, he just got the whiteboard cleaner bottle)

Ted: we need to establish some sort of structure.

Ted: people do not understand that they can have classes open to the public.

Matt A: I think it should simply be guidelines; not rules or a policy

(agreement from Karen and Maddy)

Guidelines for conducting classes, exceptions can will and can be made,

ACTION: Nate B moves to strike about minimum fees requires and put on wiki. Ted seconds and motion passes

Matis tickets

New Business

Adrienne: With the forklift we never decided how much money we were going to allocate from that

ted: up $200 for forklift repair?

Someone seconds

Dustin: Third

$200 Granted for repair of forklift.

Nate B: I want to teach people things here. The training coordinator at my work let me teach things to people here. We did some soldering stuff here, but do we have a way to invoice people? Rental of lab utilities, etc.? We need an invoice created.

Adrienne: go for it!

Roger: we should set a guideline.

Nate W: is this being written off as a service, how will it affect our taxes?

Ted gets a gold star for raising his hand

Ted: we need a basic price list for people using i3 for a corporate event or something.

Karen: what do you think would be included in that? Should we have options for additional?

Ted: if they want extra things we can add it in as needed. We want to make this available to people

KAren C: Detroit Urban Craft Fair; do we care about our presence? Does anyone want to do it?

(no one is interested anymore)

Adrienne: I need a list of laser donors!

9:01pm end

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