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2012-12-11 i3Detroit Board meeting

Chair: Dustin White Start 7:32


Karen Corbeill

Nate W

Maddy Winans

Matt Arnold

Ed Platt (Google Hangout)





David Scholl

Membership data cleanup

Dustin: Karen went through and cleaned it all up (Hooray!) Applause

Some disagreement of the wording for the ermails between members and the board regarding membership fees and stuff. THe board will be cc’d every time this happens.

Karen reads her email to be used as a template. Brodie thinks it sounds great. This email will be used

Karen: it’s very easy to reactivate keys. I am keeping a tracking list i can share with the board. I will finsih the second half of the alphabet before Christmas if I have time.

Nate W.: there are about 325 keys in the system, at least half are active.

Ted: I think it’s a good rule of thumb to copy the board on all emails like this, including parking tickets...etc.

2013 Budget

Ted: Um.... So Adrienne and i have been talking about making a budget for 2013. the plan is to know how much money we will have to spend in 2013. We may actually use the money to purchase some things, like tools.

Karen: do you mean regular expenses?

Ted: yes a projection of regular expenses, including rent, regular bills, maker faire after-party, etc. A reasonable target of profit is $10k. Its time to start thinking about what we might spend it on. Perhaps we can get hats?

Adrienne: I have a list from the past to work with, if i need help i will let you know.

2013 Ferndale Business Registration

TEd: uhhhhhhh we have to fill out this form for the city of ferndale, I will take care of it. I will be asking for some information from specific people.

Dustin: there is also a registration fee

Ted: 35-100 dollars we might have waived because we are non-profit.

Dustin: they will probably want to come in for a walk-through (BBQ maybe?)

Ted: From the fire department and police station.

If karen cannot roller blade through the space there is not enough room to escape from a fire or terrorist attack.


Roger: Its fixed. The first guy said the drain expert will come look at it. They tried to scam us. We paid $145. Ir probably needs a little more cleaning.

Applause for roger

B. nektar memberships

Dustin: basically we talked about memberships for b.nektar. Brad has come up with the idea of if we give him a deal on memberships he will dissolves the water bill.

Treasurer report Applause

Adrienne: I have the numbers for oct and nov. October was an awesome month we had a total profit of $3700. In november we profited $1875.73

Quickbooks online

Ed Platt Suggests that we switch to quickbooks online on January 1st to allow multiple people to work on the books without having to keep track. He will Help Adrienne with the swithover.

Adrienne: So Exciting news; Amazon has reduced our auto-pay fee because we are non-profit

Roger: Do we want to get a google docs account? I think they will give us a discount for being non-profit

Worth doing.

New Business Ted: Radial arm saw is not safe and will be removed from the space.

Dustin: at the potlock we had extra money, I went and bought five new push brooms and dustpans. WE should make it rule-of thumb to sweep after every meeting.

Fireman’s pole and zip line into a ball pit will be installed someday

End 8:02

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