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Board Meeting

February 12, 2013

start 7:30

Chair: Dustin




Matt O

MAtt Arnold

PAul K



NAte B


Mentorship Overview

discussed at the strategy session. The on boarding process for new members is a bit of an issue. WE have pretty high turnover. the people who were interested in it met on sunday, and we hashed out on the information on it. Basically Board members are going to be fall back mentors.

Matt explains the Mentorship process; all information can be found on the wiki

Dustin explains his experiences as the first official mentor of i3 detroit

you will not be responsible to teach these people things, you will just need to be there to be a buddy to them.

Matt o- There is a page up on the wiki...just search for “mentor” it just gives some ground rules and goals that mentors should really work towards.Ed and myself will be entering a mentorship module into the CRM.

Nate B- just to put this into perspective this is not something . As far as selection of mentors, that is really up to who is there at the time.

The list is by default the board members, and anyone else who is around, and who is interested in mentoring.

Dustin: I hope this will work out. I’ve been trying really hard to touch base with all the new faces.

NAte B- There have been a few new changes to the new member form, and new paperwork, everything is available online.

Fire Extinquisher

NAte B- its just a to-do item

Dustin- who do we call

Nate B- its on the tag, eric marril has done it in the past.

Rocco- usually the guys come out.

Dusin: should i send an email to the list?

Brodie: i don’t think it’s necessary.

New lease

Dustin : I talked to Eric about this the other day, his thought is that the landlord will just going to go to our month to month. Eric says that he will be able to negotiate with John.

Nate B- Is there a time-frame?

(email Eric before the month is out to renegotiate the lease)

i3West talk to John

Does someone want to contact John about i3West.

Dustin to contact John telling him that progress is in Limbo.

Nate B- Realistically we are not waiting for progress.

Chris- I can help, I wasn’t sure if I was able to take this up; but i am able to help with this.

Matt A- Given my new understanding, i am willing to step down as champion; if people don’t want it, let it die.

Karen- should someone let Margaret know ?

Chris- what is the issue with just having a regular key for it?

why cant we use the same mechanism we have here

Nate B- If a professional were to do this, they would remove the door

Dustin- plus you would have to program a key into two different pads

Prez Handoff

Brodie: read bylaws that state what needs to be done

Karen places a hat with a flower on it on Matt’s Head

Tears of joy and sorrow are had by all members. Rainbows die and puppies run away.

CRM + RFID -- Sync

Nate B- This november there was a big round of celanup, but it was aborted about halfway through due to wording of emails etc. I wanted to bump this back up to making this trying to make people turn back into paying members.

Matt O- were you going through this Alphabetically Karen?

Karen - we can talk about it after the meeting.

Matt A - There is a hotel for penguincon, and we can make a significant motion to be included in Penguicon this year. There is going to be a lot of hackerspace talk there this year. Marriot center in Pontiac.

Karen - we need to get hooked up with AHA to make this work. Dana at AHA is very much championing this.

Dustin- Roger and i started putting up cameras, I will finish this next Friday.

Mantis Review

New moneybox needs to be made for the toolcrib

New FLyer - Maddy, Dustin and Matt A.

we need a new flyer by April 11th NAte B talks about something really awesome that is going to draw

End 8:00pm

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