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2013-03-13 Board Meeting i3Detroit

March 13, 2013

Chair Dustin White

Start 7:30pm


Ted Hansen

Paul Kerchen


Dustin White

MAddy Winans




Nate B.

Matt Arnold

Kevin Flory


We are behind two years on reports.

Certificate of occupancy needs to be changed to remove russ’s name and this may trigger an inspection on our building

Matt O. will contact Russ for paperwork that is outstanding

Brodie will take care of paperwork with the state of Michigan and get the amount of money it will cost to Adrienne who will cut a check.

Extension chords out of rafters - we need to prepare for an inspection.

990N - we have averaged less than 50 K

Adrienne will take care of this.

Phone systems

brett McMann technically owns all our phones, he is resigning as a member, but he wants his stuff back.

(list of things that will need to be replaced.)

Nate B- the genie. I own it but the group uses it. Lately it has not been available because one particular member has had it. I feel like there should be some repercussions for this.

He may just not be aware of how much we use it.

Nate B will have a chat with him

Penguin con

What is our footprint there... it is not too late to do an i3detroit room party.

liquor control is an issue

Dana from aha has pretty much organized all of it...we currently have two rooms one for crafting and one for makerspaces

Jazz hands by Nate b.

Karen C. VIa google hangout.--

Robot knife fight will be there

Karen - mostly its AHA people that are doing panels and workshops this year we are basically having two hotel rooms that are joined one can be a constant maker space and one that can be one for panels. i3Detroit should have a presence.

Ted - I think we need to get some more members involved

Matt huber is trying to organize a little race with power wheels.

Karen’s new hackerspace sooks!

Treasurer partial report.

Taxes are done! for 2012!

Electric Bill for the second month in a row the bill was over $600.

Someone needs to talk to B. Nektar about splitting the bill. Roger will talk to brad about this

Adrienne will email roger a copy of the bill

Steampunk meet and mixer Matt Arnold need to get info from him. Memorial day weekend.

roger we should start pumping people up for maker faire.

Nate B. -maker faire prep nights need to happen

Nate W- different themes throughout the week.

End 8:03 PM

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