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April 9th 2013

Chair: Dustin White

Start 7:30pm


Matt Oehrlein

Dave Scholl

Sean Denny

Nate Bezanson

Roger Slykhouse

Ted Hansen

Adrienne Patterson

Greg Smith

Dusting White

Ed <unreadable>

Steve Brook

Michael Fink

David Dixon

Marie Enga

Nate Warnick

Lease renewal

Dustin: 5 year lease with a 1 year “out” we will pay $2130/mo this year. After first year, we will switch to the lower of the two: 5% or a CPI increase.

John’s son’s membership/employees

Dustin: John would like for his son to have a free membership in addition to john’s free membership. He also wanted to discuss a deal for his employee’s at a discounted rate, but have some kind of limited membership, during business hours only, or something.

Nate B: is his son in the lease?

Dustin: No

Nate B: Does he get a “does not need to be on the mailing list magical token?”

Dustin: no

Nate B: I disagree. If someone is going to be using the tools, they need to be on the mailing list and need to follow the rules like any other member

Ted: _concurs_

Dustin: Okay, we will put him on the mailing list. Chances are we won’t even see him.

Ted/Nate B: We need to make sure he obeys the same rules as any paying member also does. This implies being in contact and whatever else.

Nate B: I want to be clear that “following the rules” means “communicating”. Should we run the lease by a lawyer?

Dustin: It’s pretty light on the legalese. It reads like English.

Ted: Could you send the lease to the board before we sign it?

Brodie: I can and will read through it

Nate B: was the front door mentioned during lease negotiations?

Dustin: no.

Ted: I think we can reasonably dismiss the door because it is an insignificant fraction of the building’s net value.

Nate B: what’s the deal with 5 years?

Dustin: That was the stipulation for keeping the rent low. We still have 1 year to leave.

Nate B: and we also have an automatic “out” at the end of 5 year. And this lease I in place for 5 years.

Dustin: Correct. I will let you know when we get the lease back from him.

T-shirt prepay/storage

Greg: Per what we’ve done, I’ve talked to previous suppliers. I put together a list of 120 shirts, both black and grey <lists sizes>. The prices are $5.10 each, except larger shirts are $7. It totals to $672. The other bid total was $902. We have 6 sizes, we can’t just throw them all in one bin, we need some way of organizing them.

Nate B: I have a suggestion: the little white wire mesh storage cubes work well, and bigger plastic bins for bulk storage. How many of these shirts are spoken for?

Greg: None of them are spoken for.

Nate B: So these are all impulse purchases, make sure we can display them somewhere, so people want to buy them during the tours.

Greg: okay.

Nate W: Matt O. talked to the henry ford, and we are allowed to display and sell them at maker faire.

Karen: Can we get girly tees/fitted tees? I think they would sell.

Ted: okay greg, bump it up to 200, and add some women’s sizes.

Karen: Go for the charcoal grey.

_some ramblings about how storing and how dusty this place is_

Greg: I suggest a price of $10 here, $15 at maker faire. Okay. I will go ahead and order.

Ted: reimburse greg for $1200 for t-shirts?

_motion passes_


Nate B: John seemed surprised when he saw the floor was painted. We should probably finish the job. It looks like work in progress.

Nate W: Estimate to do the whole floor is $500.

Ted: is this worth doing?

Nate B: the reason I asked for this to be on the agenda, we are now committed to this being done. We should at least paint under the things that haven’t been moved, and then it’s a vote able item whether we do more.

Ted: I weary of setting a precedent that people can just do flooring and then expect to get money for it. Nate W, do you understand that you may not get reimbursed for it?

Nate W: yes.

Nate B: but $500 doesn’t include the cleaner and the prep, so lets keep in mind how much oil is in this concrete. We’ve always previously concluded that we didn’t have the resources to paint the whole floor and make the paint stick.

Ted: Keep in mind this is not real epoxy paint. This stuff will wear through in a year. It looks good, but won’t last a super long time. It might be worth doing for $500, but we will have to touch it up after a bit. Sooo, no conclusion.

Nate B: I just want to make sure that we have to finish the parts that have been started.

Ted: okay, and we can decide if we want to finish the whole shop at the next member meeting.


Ted: Extinguishers are done. If anyone knows who owns the foamy one, take it home, otherwise I will give it away. Beyond what was recommended by the inspection company, we added one by wolverine (laser cutter) and kiln.

Dustin: Can I buy an extinguisher from home depot and bring it in here?

Ted: It has to be certified. So it should come with a certification.

Additional Business

Nate B: I plan on buying someone a membership for someone whomever wins the arduino contest thing I am doing

Dustin: I will contribute ½ of that month.

Ted: Bring this up at the member meeting, it’s likely we will reimburse you at the member meeting.