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Board Meeting

May 15, 2013

Start 7:30PM


Jake Zells

Devon Trucott


matt o


Ted Nate B

Greg smith

Nate W



Dave Scholl

Matt A


Steve Foof


New members/ Guests Intro

Eric McDonald- Heard from the russell industrial center

Post-potlock pre-inspection punch list review

we had our potlock and we need to get our coo changed; who still knows what needs to be done for this Checklist will be in mantis -- things that need to be completed for inspection.

Tool exodus status

Lots of tools and stuff have been moved; the tools near the front loading bay might impact our inspection We just need to scootch it back.

Maddy will get in touch with Nick and figure out what has been moved and what still needs to be moved. His email said the 1st.

Member data record keeping, CRM mentor ship module update

Membership retention rates; its not to be extracted out of the CRM since it is only a month and a half of dues data. probably could be pulled out of the Google spreadsheet, but you already had made that measurement. Matt will follow up with Terry about data he requested.

Matt had to learn PHP so the process of CRM mentor ship data has been slow. If you know PHP join the Google hangouts on Wednesdays!

New members that know a lot about software have recently joined.

Lets make a to-do list for software and put it on the wiki.

New Business

Lockers - Ted small lockers are for sale for $200 from Rocco. each have individual keys Ted will manage lockers and Nate W will help!

The board unanimously agreed to spend $200 of i3 funding to reimburse to Rocco Marras for lockers

Dustin - Lease is completely signed and turned back into john.

End 7:52

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