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Chair Marie-Therese Enga


  • Scott - Just moved to the Detroit area

Action Item Review

Zone Box Donations

  • Point of Contact: Dave Scholl
  • Come up with a proposal for how donations in zone boxes are reflected in the budget
  • Evan was working on this
  • Nothing to propose right now
  • Evan has discussed this with Dave
  • Decision is being postponed until decisions on defining a warden
  • Discussion tabled until the next board meeting

Coordinator Definition Proposal

  • Greg is handling this, a proposal is coming out soon

Plasma CNC Wiki Page

  • Brian W. - Change wiki to reflect that CNC Plasma Cutter is now in the CNC Zone
  • Done

Airgas Cash Account

  • Jody R. - Find out about getting a cash account with Airgas


  • Full copy of the Lease?
  • Roger has a copy, but has not passed it on to us yet.
  • Roger was here when the landlord came to check on the building
  • Rent is set up as a recurring payment
  • Is there a way we can convince the landlord to communicate directly with the CEO?
    • Justin has already passed on this request a few times

Officer and Committee Reports

If you are an officer and are at this meeting, please give a short summary on activities in the last month.


  • Bee Nektar is paying down their electric bill debt by paying us a little extra every month
  • Electrical bill is now paid by us, and a meter connected to the Bee Nektar side of the building
  • Rent is set up on auto pay
    • Payments will continue monthly until someone cancels it or until it is changed due to increases in rent
  • Is new membership prorated?
  • Max: Membership mid month, cash is prorated + one month, online or check is the full rate for the first month


  • we are in resonable shape compared to what we spent in April
  • Our dues don't seem to be growing like we estimated
  • Average monthly dues sum to about $5100
  • Bills: $3600
  • $1500 of disposable income per month

Membership Coordinator

  • 165 active members including leave
  • 111 paying active
  • About 15 queued for deactivation


  • Possibility for future online membership voting: Google documents allows some voting-like features

Vice President

  • No update


  • Matt is leaving Detroit on Saturday
  • "It was a pleasure everybody?"

New Business

Chairman Appointment

  • The board decided to appoint a chairman of the board
  • Marie-Therese Enga was elected with a vote 7 of 7 in favor
  • Marie will now run the board meetings

Presidency Handoff

  • Point of contact: Matt O.
  • Elections are in September so we need to find someone to fill the responsibilities of President for the next 3 months
  • Keep lines of communication open with Shauna for Maker Faire
  • Organize i3's participation in RedBull Creation
  • Maddy is currently taking the reigns of Maker Faire at the moment
  • Nate W and Konrad B volunteer for the position
  • Vote requires a majority
  • Vote options: Nate W, Konrad B, Abstain
  • 5 of 7 votes for Konrad B
  • The board recognizes and thanks Matt for his time </applause>

Committee Review

  • What ones do we already have and how will we use them?
  • We have 5 active committees

Moderation and Mailing List

Bylaws and Standing Rules

Budget Drone / Budget Committee

  • Is Terry a one man committee?
  • Terry would prefer to not be a committee
  • Budget is handled by the Board, not the treasurer
  • The treasurer informs the Board's decisions
  • Terry is doing two things:
    • Work delegated by the Treasurer
      • Record keeping of when we spent money is a separate document from the budget
      • Reimbursements are a treasurer task
    • Work delegated by the Board
      • Documenting expenditures that have approval from the Board
      • Showing what we have spent relative to the official budget
      • Collecting input from members and wardens to formulate recommendations to the yearly budget
        • This is not a one-man job, but only happens once or twice a year

Membership Committee

Motion to appoint the membership coordinator to be the head of the membership committee
  • Motion passes with 5 of 7 votes

Beautification Committee

  • Jamie B volunteers to be the head of the committee
  • Max would like everyone in the membership be responsible for the beautification of i3
  • Nate B: committees are important where a report to the board is required, something like beautification may not necessarily be a committee and it risks limiting do-ocracy
  • The idea of a virtual zone warden as an alternative to a committee head?

Motion to disband all old committees other than the committees on Moderation, Budget, Membership, and Bylaws & Standing Rules
  • Motion passes

Wiki Access and Digital Permissions

  • Some wiki records were deleted against the will of the Board
  • Previously no one had the power to do this but new changes allowed this access
  • Who has control to do this is not clearly defined
  • Three or four separate computer systems that have different access and they will not be combined
  • The Compute Zone does not have control off all of the systems, e.g. the website
  • Committees would be required take minutes if one were appointed for this issue

Seeking Legal Advice

  • Point of contact: Marie E
  • Looking into improving bylaws standing rules
  • Lawyer who had offered these services for free got a job and no longer has time for that
  • Got some referrals
    • Now working with a Lawyer who works for a pet raising non-profit
  • Marie would collect a list of complaints from board and membership to improve the bylaws and standing rules

Proposal to Fund Legal Advice from DaltonTomich

  • Point of contact: Dave S
  • This is an option but maybot be the best option, might not be the least expensive option
  • Possibly it could make sense to hold off on this option
  • Tabled
The Board of Directors of i3 Detroit will engage the law firm DaltonTomich to provide legal advice about developing a Sex Offender Registry Policy, and an expenditure of $1500 on a flat-fee basis is hereby authorized for that purpose. 

Budget 2.0 Proposal

  • Terry's process for forming the budget:
  • By the end of May Terry will release instructions for wardens and members to make budget requests
  • Deadline to reply to call for budget items at the end of June
  • Terry would tentatively report the results of the budget requests at the July 8th Board meeting
    • Board must make sure to have enough time to review the budget items in the
    • This is expected to be a busy week because of other events like Independence Day and RedBull Challenge
  • Terry would do historical forecasting for the general expenses
  • Special board meeting 5th Tuesday of July, the 29th
Motion to call a special board meeting on July 29th for the purpose of budget review
  • Motion passed
Motion to approve Terry's process for forming the budget
  • Motion passed

Kiln Zone Budget Amendment

  • Dome is collapsing in kiln #1, needs some maintenance
  • Don't have much inventory of consumables
    • Asking for some money to restock consumables
    • Not much effect on the zone if money is not allotted for consumables until the next budget period
    • Putting out a call for Kiln Zone donations to see if that can help restock the consumables
Kiln Zone is asking for two items:

$75 per month, May - July to build consumables inventory.

$125 in July, unscheduled maintenance to Kiln #1 Dome.

As Budget Assistant, these are doable, our checking account projections are stable but barely, depending on when the Laser Tube has to be replaced.  We are budgeted for a $2250 replacement in July 2014.  If it goes later, then we are fine.  If it goes earlier, our bank account will dip. I recommend this amendment, but note that we probably should be drawing the line on budget additions for the remainder of the budget year about now.  You may want to deny this one and draw the line now.
  • Tabled

Action Items

  • Justin T and Evan A - Get the copy of the lease from Roger
  • Nate B - Make an official announcement of the members appointed to the Moderation Committee
  • Konrad B - Make a list of all the online system key-holders
  • Marie E and Dave S - Research legal advice for improving bylaws and standing rules, compile requests from board and membership for improvements
  • Terry W - put out a call for Kiln Zone donations
  • Brian W - give and update on funds appropriated for the plasma CNC ventilation system

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 9:15 PM
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 21


  • Marie-Therese Enga
  • Madalyn Winans
  • Greg Smith
  • Nathan W.
  • Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  • Jamie Burdeski
  • Nate B.
  • Justin T.
  • Adrienne
  • Mike F.
  • Brian Wennberg
  • Terry Wynn
  • Dave Scholl
  • Rashad Williams
  • Sarah N.
  • Matt Oehrlein (last meeting ever :[ )
  • Konrad Brown
  • Devon Truscott
  • Evan Allen
  • Matt Huber
  • Ed Platt