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Marie-Therese Enga


Action Item Review

Get Lease

  • Justin T and Evan A - Get the copy of the lease from Roger
    • Terry sent Justin pictures of the lease
    • We still need a paper copy

Moderation Committee Announcement

  • Nate B - Make an official announcement of the members appointed to the Moderation Committee

Computing Systems Keyholders

  • Konrad B - Make a list of all the online system key-holders

Legal Advice

  • Marie E and Dave S - Research legal advice for improving bylaws and standing rules, compile requests from board and membership for improvements

Kiln Zone Donation Request

  • Terry W - put out a call for Kiln Zone donations
  • Terry will not be present

Plasma CNC Ventilation

  • Brian W - give and update on funds appropriated for the plasma CNC ventilation system

Officer and Committee Reports

Membership Coordinator

  • 167 active members including members on leave
  • 154 active members
  • 113 voting members
  • 13 members on leave


  • 5k in emergency fund
  • 16k in General fund
  • Total income 7451
  • Monthly spending $6835
  • Saved up +$350 this month
  • A few special cases on members behind dues, but for the most part we are in order
  • Amazon payments are being retrieved daily and manually by Evan


  • Maker Faire preparation meeting on June 17, 6p at Detroit Public Library
    • Takes place during normal member meeting
    • Konrad needs a substitute secretary, not Maddy because she is also going
    • Justin would also like to go, too.
    • Marie volunteers to take the place of secretary
  • There's no rule for canceling meetings
    • Members can schedule a special meeting at a minimum 10 days in advance
    • Nate B will show up to the next member meeting and move to adjourn if no one shows up.
    • Potlock planning needs to happen that week, will happen during or after meeting adjournment

Computing Systems Security

  • Confirm list of active systems is complete
  • Retire unnecessary systems
  • Require at least 2 admins on each system
    • For systems like Twitter and Facebook that have widespread access
    • We can use contributors for Twitter, Google+
    • Contributors do not need to be recorded
  • List of admins managed by secretary
    • May have different admins
    • Admins must notify secretary of any changes
  • Secondary emails and phone numbers should be provided for systems whenever possible, these details should be documented by the secretary
  • First focus on CRM and Wiki which are legally required


  • Red Bull Creation
    • Qualifier entry was successfully submitted
    • Ken Siegner is going to be the team lead
    • Our video submission YouTube: [1]
    • We made it to the finals! woooooo!
      • Looking for 3 additional team members and bio's are due Friday.
        • Marie E. voluneered, Sean D is willing to
      • The team will be set up with hotel rooms for the competition by Red Bull.
    • Konrad, Marie, Ken S. are meeting with Roula from Red Bull tomorrow, on Wednesday, to talk about the event in July.
  • Thanks to everyone who registered something for Maker Faire.
  • Registration was extended to June 20th.

Vice President

  • Maker Faire update
  • Registration pushed out till June 20th
  • Need Volunteer to coordinate moving truck for July 25th
  • Maker Faire Meeting at HYPE center next week (see Konrad's update). Should we think about moving the meeting? It's a really good event to go to especially for new makers interested in learning about maker faire.
  • are people interested in this? do they Care?


  • Budget Report will be given by Greg S.
  • Income 123% of budgeted
  • Consumables spending 112% of budgeted
    • How did we go over when it's not budgeted?
    • People should never be reimbursed more than approved.
    • This is from August 2013 up to now June 2014
    • The board should be contacted if the budget is going to go over
  • Equipment spending 42%
    • Itemized equipment
    • Metal shop, and wood shop had many of the items which were purchased, many times under budget
  • Total expenses 96% of budget
  • Laser fund $2139
  • All other funds $0
  • Budget 2.0
    • No forms have been submitted to Terry yet
    • The deadline for wardens is June 30th
  • Two items from Nate B.
    1. Poking zone wardens about zone budget ideas
    2. See new business for #2

New Sign

  • by Greg S
  • Going to meet with a city representative to determine what size the sign can be and any other pertinent issues
  • Contact the landlord to check if our sign plans are acceptable

New Business

Ed Resigns from the Board

  • Bylaws say that the board should appoint to replace board members
  • Should the board have an even or odd number of board members
  • Wait until next member meeting, or next board meeting to confer with more members
  • Too soon to next election which happens in September?
  • Going to take general membership opinion at the next meetings to aid in deciding what to do.

Tool Crib Zone Coordinator

  • Charlie R offers to be warden
  • Jeff B is the old warden, has other issues occupying his time
Proposal to appoint Charlie Rysenga the warden of the Tool Crib Zone.
  • Passed

(Re-)Appointing Zone Coordinators


  • Tabled

Electronics Lab

  • Nate moves to nominate himself
Proposal to appoint Nate Bezanson as the warden of the Electronics Lab Zone.
  • Passed

Craft Room

Proposal to appoint Kevin Flory as the warden of the Craft Room Zone.
  • Passed

Fabrication Lab

Proposal to appoint Amelia Meyer as the warden of the Fabrication Lab Zone.
  • Passed

Compute Zone

Proposal to appoint Justin Triplett and Marie-Therese Enga as wardens of the Compute Zone.
  • Passed

Welding Zone

  • Tabled

Kiln Zone

Proposal to appoint Terry Wynn as warden of the Kiln Zone.
  • Passed

Injection Molding Zone

  • Tabled

Common Area

  • Tabled

Tree House and Whiteboard Room

  • Tabled

Laser Cutter Zone

  • Old warden: Matt Arnold
  • Devon T would like keys to the box because he is defacto wardening
  • Tabled

Bike Shop Zone

  • Tabled

Vinyl Shop

  • Old warden Nate W
  • Tabled

Member Storage

  • Zone includes:
    • Wooden shelves in wood shop
    • Member storage between vinyl and laser zone
    • Lockers by E-lab storage
    • Yellow taped area near kiln zone
Proposal to appoint Nate Bezanson as warden of the Member Storage Zone.
  • Passed

CNC Zone

Proposal to appoint Brian Wennberg as warden of the CNC Zone.
  • Passed

Metal Zone

  • Dual wardenship between Brian W and Steve B
  • Tabled because they are not here

Wood Shop Zone

Proposal to appoint Greg Smith and Dave Scholl as wardens of the Wood Shop Zone.
  • Passed

Bridgeport CNC

  • Any News?
  • Moving forward
  • List of companies was posted on the email list? Has anyone followed up on that?
    • No, we're busy, can someone else do it?

Storage of Personal Tools

  • Does i3 start charging storage if they are taking up space?
    • If parking permits expire, do we charge a fine afterward instead of kicking it out?
  • We kick them out of the space
  • We haven't historically kicked out that much stuff. It's hard to do.
  • Tools are considered there for open use unless they have a parking permit on them
    • Wolverine is available for use, but requires training because it is slightly different than Bumble Bee
    • We have forms for equipment brought to the space that requires the approval of the board an notarization of the secretary
  • This could be a possible change proposal for the Standing Rules
    • How do we make people pay if we have trouble retrieving unpaid dues?
    • It's a different way to think about the social or monetary cost of storing personal tools or materials
  • Tabled for discussion on the list or for someone to champion as a standing rules proposal

Front Door

  • Nate B wants to take charge of the front door, any issues?
  • Planning to replace the door in the next budget
  • This is maintenance of the building is this already a budget item?


  • July 29th special board meeting, the 4th Tuesday to vote on Budget
  • Steamtopia is a con happening this weekend https://www.facebook.com/Steamtopia
  • Interested in Red Bull? We need more team members by Friday!

Action Items

  • Justin T and Evan A - Get the copy of the lease from Roger
  • Nate B - Make an official announcement of the members appointed to the Moderation Committee
  • Brian W - give and update on funds appropriated for the plasma CNC ventilation system
    • Konrad - Email Brian to ask for a report, and for any tasks that can be delegated
  • Greg S - Call Ferndale to check sign dimensions that are acceptable
  • Greg S and Justin T - Send city requirements to Justin, and Justin, get the questions about the sign to the landlord to check if this is ok.
  • Marie - Update wiki and send an email to the list about wardenships that are up for discussion at the next board meeting.

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:37 PM
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 13


  • Marie-Therese Enga
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Justin Triplett
  • Charlie Rysenga
  • Dillard White III
  • Evan Allen
  • Greg Smith
  • Konrad Brown
  • Dave Scholl
  • Matt Huber
  • Marie-Therese Enga
  • Devon Truscott
  • Nate Bezanson

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