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Agenda for 01-13-2015

Chair: Brian McPherson

[7:33pm - sandwich returned and secretariat general is at the helm]

[Wednesday 2:36 PM Secretary thanks Matt for his service but does not apologize for effective hostage-taking]





Old Business

Lost and Found

Ticketed items on public work spaces need to go somewhere so the work space is available. Board needs to specify lost-and-found shelf as per https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/Meeting_Minutes_20150106#Lost_and_Found_proposal.

  • Nate B proposes the little table-thing right by the door, and the adjacent lateral file, since those are the de-facto L&F shelves anyway, so Nate B proposes to make the informal process formal dogma
  • Mike, Jamie, Charlie: do we want that to be the very first thing people see when they come in?
  • Fanatical debate about visibility of Lost and Found mattering (keeping up appearances vs practicality of visibility for finding items)

(Small interruption as Konrad re-learns about hangouts and audio feedback)

Proposal: Repurpose one of graveyarded server racks with shelves,
place it next to ladder (in front of kitchen window) and 
designate that the "Lost & Found" location to store moved parking ticketed items.

Point of note: The left side of H structure and the Red Bull desks are for short-term member project storage (a few days) without board approval, this should be brought up in member meeting

Action Item: Matt H? - Bring up short-term storage at member meeting

Potential Kitchen Renovation

Terry followed up with the landlord and has the following report: Landlord is okay with remodeling so long as he's kept in the loop

Q1 Dues/Key Termination

Terry sent an email to the board with the proposed key termination list, and, after no objections by the board, Q1 Dues termination list to be given to Nate B and Board to disable keys and end memberships in CRM

  • Board briefly discusses why people might have left and conclude that someone should really track that
Action Item: Terry - Get membership join dates for Q1 termination list

New Business

Kitchen Floor Plan Changes

  • POC: Jamie
  • Follow-up to kitchen renovation proposal: While the actual renovation is being investigated, we can make better use of the kitchen.
1: Move white fridge, Vending Machine, T-Shirts out of kitchen into commons area by server racks)
2: Allocate server rack to build new storage for soda near white fridge 
  -so fridge stockers don't have to carry soda from the kitchen all the time
3: Put more seating in the kitchen (by redistributing a commons table).
  • Jamie moves
  • Evan seconded
  • Passes unanimously

Key Holding

POC: Konrad

  • Keys to front glass door and B Nektar side door should be held by CEO, board, or other officer
  • Suggest keeping a copy with a secondary person, too
Proposal: Appropriate $35 to have key duplicates made of the front glass door and B Nektar side door and
 given to Standing CEO, Board designated Keymaster, and Landlord.

Proposal: Charlie and Max shall be Keymaster and Gatekeeper

Floor Plan Report

New Flammables Cabinet

POC: Konrad B

  • Took over real estate previously held by mop/broom box next to bike zone, OK?
  • Kid tested, board approved

CNC Plasma Cutter

POC: Konrad B / Jim K

  • Walter got it out on Friday 1/9/15 with the help of Jim K. **applause**
  • Jim should have received $200 from Walter for the metal and ducting we added to the CNC Plasma Cutter?

Fork Lift


Large Vinyl Printer

  • Do we still want this here?
  • Coordinator can keep or reject at will


  • Do we still want this here?
  • Brian is planning to move it, but needs to figure out how to extract it from the furniture built around it.
Action Item: Amelia Meyer - Contact Brian Wennberg to make sure it's actually leaving the space.

Metal Shop/Wood Shop Wall

Levi: option to narrow doorway of metalshop (to woodshop) to normal 36"-48" doorway instead of current large gaping maw.

  • Both sets of Zone Coordinators are on board with this.
  • Amelia Meyer: Nate B proposed adding vinyl flaps to doorways to keep dust located to its zone (you gotta keep 'em separated!)
 Proposal: allocate $350 to cover metal shop west wall opening with plywood wall and vinyl curtain

Officer Reports

Treasury Report

  • Financial Grade: A-
    • December Income: $7,248 Costs: $11,063 December Net: -$3,815
    • 12/31 Checking: $8,791 / $15K in Emergency Fund / Accounts Receivable: $3,067/24 Members in Arrears
    • Dues Collected in December: $4,996 November: $4,453/Accrued in Dec: $6,620
  • News:
    • We will be low on cash Dec, Jan and Feb due to asymmetric buying habits. No worries.
    • Paypal account DONE. We can now reimburse by Paypal.
    • Found $600 that PayPal was saving for us.
    • CRM back to operational. Four bugs remain. Two bugs have workarounds.
    • All treasurer and budget email accounts are fully functional.
    • Model for Real Estate Expansion to Board in late Q1FY2015.

New Bank

Terry is looking into new banking options that have a commercial lending program so we can establish good relationship with a useful ally, should we ever need a commercial loan or mortgage for expansion)

  • Board is OK with this, no one has any attachments to the current credit union


  • For the budget from 8/1 to 12/31. Income: $36,399 Cost: $33,678 Net: + $2,720.
  • We have a 2015 budget. Anyone who wants a PDF, email budget@ with COPY 2015 BUDGET in the subject line.
  • Budgeted Loss for 2015: $8,000, but that is OK because we never spend as much as we budget.
  • Big investments in Infrastructure and Machine shop. Big donations from members tied to equipment.
  • Anyone who wants all the details of December, 2014 spending send email to budget@ with COPY DECEMBER 2014 in subject line.

Membership Coordinator

not present due to babysitting duties


Wiki stuff

  • Lots has been done
  • Wiki master likes wine

Member meeting format

Secretary wants to redo format of member meetings

  • Proposes splitting zone/project list to once a month
    • More motivation for people to actually report progress
  • 1st week meeting zone updates
  • 3rd week meeting project list
  • Board is OK with this
  • New format will start in February


Maker Faire

  • Setting up meeting with The Henry Ford about Maker Faire 2015

Red Bull

  • When does Red Bull?
  • might be proactive to bug RB about this. Nate B would like to push forward inviting RB staff to come visit (jamie says "just shut up and do it", Nate replies "okay")
Action Item: Nate B - Just shut up and do it. (invite RB to i3)

Yuri's Night 2015

  • Seeking space related art, science demonstrations, and baked goods
  • Considering using budgeted money for a prize or project funding incentives, OK?
  • Will be organizing a committee to plan the event
Action Item: Konrad - Organize Yuri's Committee (first committee in space?!)


Action Item: Jamie/Nate B - update on scholarship program at next member meeting

Vice President

Charlie needs to poke someone


Have not ordered compressor, wants a space designated for it first

Action Items

Action ItemPOC
Get membership join dates for Q1 termination listTerry
Bring up short-term storage at member meetingMatt H?
update on scholarship program at next member meetingJamie/Nate B
Just shut up and do it. (invite RB to i3)Nate B
Contact Brian Wennberg to make sure it's actually leaving the space.Amelia Meyer
Organize Yuri's Committee (first committee in space?!)Konrad

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:43pm
  • Funds appropriated: $385
  • Attendees: 12


  1. Konrad Brown
  2. Jamie Burdeski
  3. Matt Arnold
  4. David Scholl
  5. Terry Wynn
  6. Amelia Meyer
  7. Evan Allen
  8. Levi Morey
  9. Matt Huber
  10. Mike Fink
  11. Matt "I'm too tall and on a couch to sign in" Gardeski
  12. Nate Warnick (Hangouts)

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