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Agenda for 02-10-2015

Chair: Brian


All new member scared away


Old Business/Action Item Review


Action Items from last meeting: Update on scholarship program at next member meeting

Jamie/Nate B
  • Point of contact: Konrad B
  • Who is coordinating with the scholarship recipients?
    • Should these people be considered officers or heads of committee?
  • Who is making sure they are meeting the expectations of a scholarship recipient
  • Are they going to be reporting to 3rd Tuesday meetings?

((Scribe arrived late, didn't catch most of this in time to get proper notes. Pay rate has been slashed for Scribe.))

Other action Items from last meeting

Bring up short-term storage at member meeting

Matt H?


Just shut up and do it. (invite RB to i3) --- reached out on twitter, no response, will try other avenues

Nate B

- nate actively seeking contact, unknown status - Konrad is talking to Christine(?) at redbull about mindshare, this may be a decent bridge as well Contact Brian Wennberg to make sure it's actually leaving the space. (Stratasys)

Amelia Meyer



Organize Yuri's Committee (first committee in space?!)

Update in president's section?

Get membership join dates for Q1 termination list

Update in Treasurer's section



New Business

i3 Business Plan Board Meeting

  • Point of contact: Konrad B
  • Would like to have a focus group meeting with board and officers
  • Discuss: Mission, Funding, Staffing, Facilities
  • Set a time to do it

[charlie] revisit of vision statement, perhaps updating based on new board. Probably it's time to review [evan] current board's vision isn't reflected [konrad] larger purpose: don't rewrite every year, but should be adjusted based on business plan of the next year+ [charlie] business plan, setting goals for board term. Charlie wants to host 300 classes.

buzzword bingo!

[Terry] Having a plan is good; even if it's multi year, then next years board can adjust as needed, not create from scratch -- this should be a separate meeting, one time for a couple hours, then Huzzah and waffles!

Charlie to reconvene the Vision Committee, and invite the board for discussion

Resolution to open new bank accounts

  • A resolution to appoint Treasurer Terry Wynn to open new checking and savings accounts for i3Detroit at CharterOne bank.
    • Purpose is to establish a relationship with a bank that does commercial lending to allow a mortgage to purchase a building.

Proposal: Authorization for Terry to open new checking & savings accounts at CharterOne Propose by Jamie, Mike Seconded, Unanimous approval

New Laser Zone Coordinator

  • Matt Arnold resigned
  • Devon resigned when he went on leave, right?
  • Mike Fink has volunteered

Proposal: Mike Fink becomes laser ZW Proposed by Mike, seconded by Andrew, Approval is unanimous with the caveat that he's now known as "Mike with frickin laser beams!"

Classroom Zone

  • Kitchen is a well-functioning classroom now, should be a zone?
  • Karianne volunteered to be the Classroom Zone Coordinator
  • Also should give it some money for the year to make improvements and stuff ($500?)

[Karianne] There's a budget for kitchen lighting, that will be used for classroom lighting - also wants to paint, maybe remove cabinets and walls - Karianne knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who will look at the wall for free-ish [NateB] Would like to talk about responsibiliy, concerned about leather being left around as scraps, and pile of stuff in fire hallway [Karianne] oops, will take care of that stuff right away. PROPOSAL: Karianne for Classroom ZW Proposed by Jamie, Seconded by Evan, unanimous approval

Karianne is now Classroom Zone Coordinator

PROPOSAL: add $500 to classrom zone budget for remainder of fiscal year Proposed by Andrew, Seconded by Evan [NateB] Concerned about budget that we don't have when we are running lean Vote: Aye: 6 (well, five Ayes and one Cat) / Nay: 1 Proposal passes

Front Hallway Renovation

  • Budget request to get an engineer to look at structural demands of front hallway area, feasibility of any teardown
  • $500??
  • Also need recommendations - Devon may know people, anyone else have contacts?
Karianne will get an assessment on removing wall between hallway and classroom

Legal Stuff

  • We haven't talked about this in a while
  • Jamie needs someone else to help be the legal POC
    • legal stuff is overwhelming and draining and Jamie is stressed out and busy

Evan and Matt H will assist Jamie in legal monkeywork

Liability form

  • we need a general release of liability form for equipment donations

< rapid fire discussion I couldn't keep up with about this > [Terry] A friendly voice will work as best, a lawyer may not improve things. Probably one person (Terry?) to talk to Eaton's lawyer about the liabilty issue for donations

Terry and Evan contact Eaton for liability

Evan volunteered as tribute

Google Grant

Point of Contact: --Charlie247 (talk) 18:17, 10 February 2015 (EST)

  • Free "money"
  • Also Get access to premium google services.
  • Can I apply for this?

equivalent of $10k in AdWords [Andrew] Why would we do this, what benefit? - reply: could be used for classes and events to get interest for public things [Chrlie] Also get use of premium services (Youtube, etc). Reqs: They get to crunch the data, and we have to have analytics on the web [Max] Not all classes are getting filled. Basic rule of parties and events: mo' people is mo' better. [Matt A] We're at a good place, we don't necessarily need to focus on expansion [Chrlie] Getting name out is not 1:1 for people, also good for donations and awareness. [Jamie] Don't need board's approval for Grants, include this in a business/marketing plans. [Konrad] there's not currently a HowTo for applying for a grant. [Terry] Only if the grant is somehow a burden to i3 should it need a vote.

< Heated sidebar about bob ross classes >

Floor Plan Report

What was the kitchen in now a classroom. vending machines are in the common area now

Officer Reports

max Membership

Gathered numbers and we're not bursting at the seams, 143 active, 117 voting, 32 leave Max stressing that we're a community based organization

Jamie secretary

New meeting format confused the secretary, but a bottle of wine and a good cry resolved things Need better guidelines for.... seomthing?

Evan will write specs on what the board expects from ZWs by updating the wiki page for it
wiki jamie

Last wiki night, put officers, board, and ZWs aded the user info box should be easier to stalk getcontact info for movers and shakers Need more participation to make it usable equipment authorization needs to be pushed to the ZWs more, better adoption will increase the usability [Andrew] heard grumbling that some users were updated. Exact complaint is vague, so....

resident Konrad

organized Yuri's night meeting, nobody caught fire Got in touch with christine Loft from Redbull about MindShare, which is a TedX like event Another delegation coming, apparently we're on the UN's short list of "things to do in detroit" Noone's responded to the contact email yet, Konrad would like someone to take this on

veep Charlie

been in contact with reboot detroit conference people. we're excide, they're sending documents soon. Also poked Mike about finishing virtual tour as a reply to people who email contact@ who don't have a clue who we are [NateB] drafting a FAQ for things we're asked fro moutside people


some compressor is now pricier but we'll get the N-1 pricing In the future, the HAAS should be offline during tuesday meetings


  • Financial Grade: A-

Budget is decent, we'll be fine in a monthater all the Jan 1st budget requests Will be dwn slightly next month cannot accept paypal yet realestate expansion plan to board end of march or april IF you want details email budget@ we wrote down $1700 in accounts recievable, trying to get that back to what we should expect seveeral members left, 2 on leave one off leave, a couple new tw shorttimers left, a few veterans left mostly from time availabiliy [Terry] Chronic debt is from people to quit but don't actually stop their membership.

    • 1/31 Checking: $9,347 / $15K in Emergency Fund


  • News:
    • We will be low on cash Feb due to asymmetric buying habits. No worries.
    • We can now reimburse by Paypal. We cannot accept payments by PayPal.
    • CRM operational.
    • All treasurer and budget email accounts are fully functional.
    • Model for Real Estate Expansion to Board in late Q1FY2015.
  • Anyone who wants all the details of January 2015 spending send email to budget@ with COPY JANUARY 2015 in subject line.
  • Members & Dues
    • Dues Collected in January: $4,926 December: $4,996 November: $4,453
    • Dues Accrued in Jan: $6,571, Dec: $6,620
    • Accounts Receivable: $1,784 Members in Arrears 23, December: $3,067/24
    • Write Down in Jan: $1,957.
    • 7 Members left, 2 went on LEAVE, 1 came OFF LEAVE, and 5 NEW members.
    • Of the 7 who left, 2 joined in 2014, all others joined prior.


Membership Coordinator


  • New meeting format
    • Some pushback from zone wardens, but probably just due to communication issues
    • Need better defined guidelines for zone wardens
  • Wiki
    • All current officers/board/zone wardens have infoboxes populated at least with their name
    • Need to connect more members' usernames to their real names to make Equipment Access stuff better
    • Equipment access is in usable state now, just need to push it harder at zone wardens


  • Yuri's Night
  • MindShare
  • International Delegation

Vice President


Meeting End 9:00 pm

Action Items

no action items

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Funds appropriated:
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