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Agenda for 03-10-2015

Chair: Brian McPherson Cowbell @7:38pm EDT (Slight delay getting hangouts working)


  • Lots of new people in commons area, taking tours
  • Mr. Pirate is here.


  • Greg Smith: Elephant in the space, there is a lot of mixed feelings and unknowns about the conversion from kitchen to classroom.
    • Seems like in general people don't know what's going on.
    • Jamie: It's come up on the board list, and will be addressed in new business.

Old Business


Forklift & Air Compressor

How do make go away??

  • Evan: Tried to auction, some miscommunication between him and Jody, so it didn't make it into the auction.
  • Will remain in Evan's processing queue if noone else wants to take it over
  • Charlie: Compressor is Nate B's property.
  • Andrew: Craigslist?
  • Evan: My understanding is that so long as Nate gets his $100 back, he's satisfied.
  • Nate W: Forklift might be worth something.
Authorize Evan to craigslist the forklift and compressor
Moved by Matt A, Seconded by Mike F
7 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: Pass

Greg: this was well done, we need to keep a record of things we approve for sale

New Business

Eliminate position of CEO

POC: Jamie

Proposal: Eliminate the position of CEO because the position is outdated and poorly defined, and the duties informally associated with the position could easily be delegated to other positions in the organization better suited to performing them. Such duties include:

  • Being the point of contact with the landlord. With the creation of Infrastructure Zone and appointment of Infrastructure Zone Coordinator, contacting the landlord falls much more sensibly into the purview of the Infrastructure Zone Coordinator.
  • Being the internal facing leader of i3, as compared to the primarily external-facing president. This duty has never been well-defined, and exists as a a remnant of a partnership between a president/CEO from years ago that may have worked for them personally, but does not any longer. Furthermore, the role of Zone Coordinator now carries increased responsibility and authority and combined, the Zone Coordinators offer much of the leadership that the CEO may have once exercised.
  • Running member meetings. This is again a remnant of an earlier partnership. Any of the officers could take over this duty, with the VP being the most naturally suited at this time.

Elimination of the position will officially occur at the next election season (September 2015).


  • Ted agrees completely with this. He then regaled us with Tales From The Olden Tymes about how the CEO came to be.
  • Greg: Who does a new member go to when they have a problem? Who represents the officers to the general membership?
  • Matt A: Why isn't that just the officers?
  • Evan: We probably don't need internal vs external facing, collapse it all to President.
  • Matt A: We were thinking of redefing the officers based on functionality (There was once an ombudsman role that got lumped into CEO)
  • Jamie: The CEO doesn't make sense, and should just be taken out behind the chemical sheds
  • General concensus in the room is agreeable.
  • Mike: It is really up to the next board.
Eliminate the position of CEO by no longer appointing anyone beginning with the 2015 Officer appointments.
Moved by Jamie, Seconded by Matt A
7 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Coordinator's Quarterly Meeting

POC: Terry

In late Feb we had a Coordinator's Quarterly Meeting. We are attempting to create an entry to replace How To Be a Coordinator in the wiki, and a proposed list of responsibities TO the Board by the Coordinators as a group and a proposed list of functions requested by the Coordinators of the Board. This will be presented in the April Board meeting.

Ted News

  • Ted gave a tour to Debbie Holden(?) of SME
  • She asked what she can do to help us. Maybe leftover crap from trade shows. Ted needs a contact for her
  • Charlie will take that
Action Item: Charlie - Be contact point for Debbie from SME

Classroom Space

Summary From Jamie:

  • Karianne was appointed Classroom Zone Coordinator at February Board Meeting
  • Karianne had approval of landlord before demolition commenced
  • Karianne hired a general contractor to perform demolition
  • Overhauling was done with out the general membership knowing,
  • Continued lack of communication with membership (what are we doing with it now)
  • There are questions of whether the new space is structurally sound (Need another structural engineer to analyze?)

  • Karianne: The engineer wasn't a friend of a friend of a dude who might know something, this was a professional person with certifications. Also had a licensed contractor separately check.
  • Matt A: Lets remove blame from this conversation, that's not the issue.
  • Ted: walking in today as an occasional member had no idea about it, and didn't know who to go to ask questions.
  • Mike: Should we do a blog or member post?
  • (general consensus is yes)
  • Matt A: I'll make a giant poster on a sign
  • Greg: His questions that he's hearing is less structural, and more what's going to happen with it. are we buying new chairs, how to hold a class and reserve? What facilities are available, will there be a camera in here, etc.
  • Max: We've defined what we want out of a classroom, and while a bunch of the thought should have been obvious, but more communications could have been done
  • Evan: This is essentially the commons area minus the dust and noise of being in the general area of the space
  • Nate (Via Jamie): We've got this idea of members becoming customers because opportunities aren't obvious. This would be a good potluck item.
  • Mike: Not just new members, but any members that aren't sure of the area
  • Ted: as a member, can I just knock out a wall on my own? (A: If you are the zone warden with board approval)
  • Matt A: The big issue is that most i3 members are heads down in projects and not participating in meetings or reading minutes to keep uo with the atmosphere
  • Terry: We need to be more explicit when there is a Major change (Structural?) change to a zone.
  • Greg: This leads into a process of 'how to create a zone'
  • Matt a: There's some growth shock as some members are still likely thinking that they are aware of all that goes on, so there's impact when something happens that they weren't aware of.
  • Evan: we can put together a proposal for a more formalized list of things needed to create a zone, and roll into Terry's listed warden responsibilities things they can do on their own, and things they must ask the board for.
  • Need an email and blog post describing what was, is, and will be for the classroom space.
Action Item: Jamie - Work with Karianne to draft and send an email and blog post about what was, what is, and what will be for the new classroom zone.
Action Item: Matt A - Make a giant sign for the Classroom zone.
  • Ted: I appreciate all the work, and this room will be awesome.
  • Nate B wants to pay a structural engineer to analyze
  • Terry: What happens if a professional engineer comes in and sees something he doesn't like? Does he have to report that to the city or state (Greg: In general not)
  • Board should decide whether there is an inspector/engineer or not. Members shouldn't be allowed to have an inspection on their own
  • Jamie: Let's wait on voting until there is more documentation from the engineer
Action Item: Karianne - Get copies of all the paperwork and proof of credentials from the contractor and turn them in to the board
  • Jamie does not support Nate getting an independent analysis.
  • Evan agrees in general with Terry that individual members shouldn't be hiring inspectors on their own
  • Karianne: contractor is Mr. Repair, partner is Art something. Gave a reference of a church, reverend can be a personal reference.

Member Storage

  • Max: can we brainstorm how to allocate to new members, because we have none available?
  • Evan: We've had this conversation before
  • Nate B is member storage warden
    • Nate B Resigns as member storage warden because he can't warden effectively/do anything about clutter with the current standing rules and permit system
  • Terry wishes to run for member storage warden.
    • Jamie: I don't want to overload Terry with multiple wardenships plus Treasurer
    • wild rampant discussion **
Action Item: Terry & Matt A - Create a Member Storage Strike Force
Action Item: Jamie - Continue to say "Make it so" to the scribe since she doesn't write the board minutes herself.

Floor Plan Report

  • We're missing a wall, floor space has increased
Action Item: Charlie - Investigate structural integrity of two-dimensional walls
  • Kitchenette has moved into main floor
  • People unsure where to store paper towels and toilet paper
  • Greg has a plan to create 16 sqft by getting rid of a staircase
    • Offending staircase moved to graveyard (was Nate Warnick's for trailer, no longer wanted/needed)

<at this point the scribe left the room to get laptop power cable. Upon return Max was pontificating on cabinet contents.>

Action Item: Board - Keep tabs on storage issues resulting from kitchen cabinet removal

Officer Reports

Treasury and Budget Report (Short Form) February, 2015

  • Financial Grade: A
    • 2/28 Checking: $14,492 / $15K in Emergency Fund
  • News:
    • CASH - We are back to normal on cash. No worries.
    • PAYPAL - We can now reimburse by Paypal. We can also accept payments by PayPal. We are looking into doing Subscriptions and donation buttons by Paypal. (treasurer@i3detroit.com)
    • CHARTER ONE – We are about half way through the ridiculously complicated process with CharterOne. The upshot of this is after we are done, I will have a good package/concept of what companies will require of us in the way of documentation. UPDATE: Thanks to evan, we're all done now.
      • they have a commercial lending unit, in case we want to take a loan for somereason
    • AMAZON – We will need to install new Amazon payment methods by June 1. This will mean all things change and subscription people will have to do new sign up in June.
    • Model for Real Estate Expansion to Board in late Q2FY2015. After planning session.
  • Anyone who wants all the details of February 2015 spending send email to budget@ with COPY February 2015 in subject line.
  • Members & Dues
    • Dues Collected in February:$5,088 January: $4,926 December: $4,996
    • Dues Accrued in Feb: $6,434 Jan: $6,571, Dec: $6,620
    • Accounts Receivable: Feb: $3,595 44 Members in Arrears /Jan: $1,784 /December: $3,067/24


  • Budget Proposals
    • Add line item to woodshop budget for Sawstop expense, POC Terry, Greg $400 Recommended by Treasurer
    • Increase Chair budget by $100 to $300. Recommended by Treasurer
    • Budget $800 for Haas pump. Recommended by Treasurer
    • Budget $2000 and pay Lawyer for Bylaw Review. I also propose we cease Bylaw work (I can communicate that directly with Lawyer). Also propose that in future when we use an hourly contractor, we either have a written quote in front (budgeted) or explicitly inform them in writing that we have a (budget) max and to stop before going over max. Recommended by Treasurer
    • Karianne: $400 for paint, decorations, etc for classroom zone
Approve these five budget items for a total of $3700
Moved by Jamie, Seconded by Evan
7 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Membership Coordinator

  • Max: 140 active, 118 voting, 33 on leave, 6 on scholarship
    • Gut feel: staying the same
  • Membership Coordinator may need to be split to two people: The tours and closedown process, mentors, etc; and the data aspect (CRM, google groups, etc).
    • Terry: Good for backup options
    • Overall we need more officers doing less
    • Mentor program is a problem, a victim of finite manpower of membership coordinator
    • Max will outline this split, and the board will handle the details via board list
Action Item: Max - List and outline the division of duties of Membership Coordinator into two roles and post to the Board
Action Item: The Board - Formalize the details of the splitting of Membership Coordinator position on the Board list


Jamie: We need to fill out our 2015 non-profit form for MI LARA. Terry used the 2014 one for Charter One, but it's obsolete. Jamie and terry will coordinate this

Action Item: Jamie & Terry - Update the form for Michigan Licensing



Vice President

  • No actual news as VP
  • Insists on talking about toilets.
  • Dealt with Plumber, he says it's not a structural deformity, most likely something that somebody put down the toilet that backed it up. If we continue to have problems they can do a drain camera. aside: about $1800 to redo the plumbing, all new bathroom for about $5k
  • Siemens thing still going forward, we're the pilot for this program


Nothing to report

COWBELL @9:20pm

Action Items

Action ItemPOC
Investigate structural integrity of two-dimensional wallsCharlie
Keep tabs on storage issues resulting from kitchen cabinet removalBoard
Continue to say "Make it so" to the scribe since she doesn't write the board minutes herself.Jamie
Make a giant sign for the Classroom zone.Matt A
List and outline the division of duties of Membership Coordinator into two roles and post to the BoardMax
Update the form for Michigan LicensingJamie & Terry
Formalize the details of the splitting of Membership Coordinator position on the Board listThe Board
Work with Karianne to draft and send an email and blog post about what was, what is, and what will be for the new classroom zone.Jamie
Get copies of all the paperwork and proof of credentials from the contractor and turn them in to the boardKarianne
Be contact point for Debbie from SMECharlie
Create a Member Storage Strike ForceTerry & Matt A


ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Eliminate the position of CEO by no longer appointing anyone beginning with the 2015 Officer appointments.JamieMatt A70PASS
Authorize Evan to craigslist the forklift and compressorMatt AMike F70Pass
Approve these five budget items for a total of $3700JamieEvan70PASS

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 9:20
  • Funds appropriated: $3700
  • Attendees: 15


  1. Jamie Burdeski
  2. Brian McPherson
  3. Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  4. Karianne Gottschalk
  5. Matt Huber
  6. Greg Smith
  7. Matt Arnold
  8. Terry Wynn
  9. Evan Allen
  10. Ted Hansen
  11. Charlie Rysenga
  12. Mike Fink
  13. Matthew Gardeski
  14. Nate Bezanson (Hangouts)
  15. Amelia Meyer (Hangouts)

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