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Agenda for 07-14-2015




Old Business/Action Item Review

Old Air Compressor

  • Nate B was contacting old owners


  • Evan was supposed to browbeat ZWs for inventory

Classroom Construction

  • Konrad was going to get quotes
  • Greg is helping Konrad and has a construction report

New Business

Jewelry Zone Proposal

  • Leora and Tanya

Maker Faire Budget Review

  • $250 for ~20 (10 black/10 turquoise) tablecloths and storage bin-Jamie
    • Is there room in the current budget or do we need to request more?

Off-Site Storage

  • Terry would like to investigate the cost of off-site storage. Terry thinks we could reclaim a lot of floor space with cheap, unheated off-site storage. Terry is asking for a sounding of the Board to proceed with investigation and forming a team.

Dumpster Fire

  • Is there anything the organization should be doing differently?
  • Have we heard from the parties involved?

Fire Investigation

  • It's difficult to keep the group safe when members aren't forthcoming with what they know. Is this a problem?

Floor Plan Report

Officer Reports

Treasury and Budget Report for June, 2015

  • Financial Grade: A
  • 7/14 (UPDATED) $15K in Emergency Fund

$ 9.800 in CharterOne Checking/savings

  • News:
    • Amazon ASP (oldstyle) subscriptions dead on 5/31/15. Transitioning all to Paypal/AmazonALP
    • 52 members on subscription (paypal or AmazonALP).
    • Filed LARA.
    • Can move money from PayPal now!!!

Membership Coordinator



  • Upcoming proposal Bylaws on Board Term Length
  • Square ordered for i3, will use for Tormach
  • Maker Faire Action Items
    • Maker Faire Truck
  • Konrad is on Vacation 7/17 to 7/24

Vice President

Committee Reports

Lost & Found Party

Action Items

no action items yet, Charlie.


no proposals yet, Charlie.

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Funds appropriated:
  • Attendees:


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