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Agenda for 09-08-2015

Chair: Charlie Rysenga

Opening cowbell: 7:41pm


Charlie suggests *everyone* do introductions, put on a facsimile of not being inbred.

  • Matt Huber: Wasn't on the board last year, though he was 2 years ago, and now he is again.
  • Mike Fink: Was, and is again.
  • Evan: Like mike, but with more hair.
  • Matt Gardeski: Was on the board last year, and is now.
  • (Charlie insults Jamie, who pouts.)
  • Brian McPherson: was CEO last year, first time on the board.
  • Leora Druckman: Relatively new, 6mos member, really likes this place and looking forward to contributing. Doesn't hear very well, best if she can see your face while talking.
  • Matt Arnold: Board member last year and a couple years before that.
  • Anyone else?
  • Jamie: Second term on board, gradually losing in popularity to Evan.


  • Jamie: Half the board went to Chicago to visit Pumping Station: One. Report to follow at the member meeting! It is thusly announced.

Old Business

Tax ID

  • Last month's action item: Generate a 'how to use the tax id' guideline Terry
    • Completely spaced out. Will get it by the next meeting.
Action Item: Terry - Generate a 'how to use the tax id' guideline

Air Compressor

  • Last month's action item: Update Russ Wolfe and i3 on air compressor by 8/25/15 Evan
    • Forgot about half of it. Talked to Joseph, as far as anyone can tell, it's not worth what the former owners think it is.
    • Do we want to just get rid of it?
    • Jamie thought we already delegated this and Evan should just do it.
    • Evan solicits for one last comment, resolves to give it back to former members (Russ/Nick) and let them deal with it.
Action Item: Evan - Give old air compressor back to former members


  • Last month's action item: Update Wiki to reflect dissolution of budget committee Terry
    • That's done.
  • Last month's action item: Cleanup committee list and send notice to members of difference between "member committees" and "board standing committees" Jamie
    • Jamie didn't do that but will.
Action Item: Jamie - Cleanup committee page


  • Last month's action item: Bring up cigarette butt disposal to general membership and then let Jamie know it happened by filing official forms in triplicate Konrad
    • It's out there!
    • Jamie: The ACTUAL item was to bring it up at the MEMBER meeting so people know it's out there.

Jewelry Zone

  • Last month's action item: Contact Jewelry ZW about potential or perceived danger or concern with chemicals and caustic substances NateB
    • That's resolved.

New Business


  • Let's pick one.
  • Mike volunteers.
Elect Mike as Chairperson of the Board
Moved by Mike, Seconded by Matt
8 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Changing of the Board

  • Jamie put that on the agenda, needs to update the wiki page.
    • Any advice for the departing (Andrew and Nate) board members to the incoming ones?
    • Nate B didn't have anything prepared, suggests reading the archive, possibly in the presence of grief counseling.
    • Evan suggests an unofficial exit-interview for departing board members.
    • Andrew suggests: Be awesome, don't let it get you down, if you start getting down, step aside.

Officer Selection

  • Jamie insinuates that Charlie may not be able to handle running the meeting.
  • Charlie continues running the meeting.
  • How many officers do we need? Justin suggests delegating more VPs-of-things.
    • Matt Huber: Strictly speaking, we need 4, but we can appoint subassistant vice bottlewashers if we feel like.
    • Evan: Do we want to toy with the idea of how many we need?
    • Mike: I'm not comfortable deciding while most of the officers aren't here.
    • Evan: I'm not talking about picking people, but picking which *positions* we want to continue, split, etc.
    • Justin: I know most of the officers not here aren't planning on continuing.
    • Jamie: Secretary isn't planning on continuing.
    • Charlie: I could continue.
    • Justin: Do we want to do nominations and stuff? Discussion about how long to give it, when to select and appoint.
    • Jamie recalls a less-formal vote (just a form, no vote-keys)
    • Matt Huber points out as long as people understand it's non-binding, yeah.


  • Evan: Terry was talking about electing officers quicker so we can file paperwork properly? is that a thing? Terry: October 1st or 15th is the deadline for filing officers for a Michigan NFP.
    • Jamie: It's not the biggest thing in the world if we're always off by a year. Terry: It is tricky if you go to do something like open a bank account and the records don't match. Evan: Yeah, that. It's a pain. Last time we did the bank thing we got lucky.
    • Justin: Officers are a task-oriented position, waiting around for a month seems unnecessary. If someone wants to do it, they shouldn't need a month to decide. The membership would benefit from having a secretary designated ASAP. Let's get people trained and doing things, as departing people are already checked out. Hand it off.
    • Jamie: I personally was asked to be secretary and it worked out, it's not bad to approach people we think have it. Approach people on a personal level.
    • Mike: Might be nice to ask people about new positions we could create, if you think someone would be a good officer, tell the board.
    • Jamie: Nominations might include "who and why", so we'd know what qualities people are supposed to have. It was interesting last year when not publishing nominees, to see how many folks got nominated numerous times.
    • Mike: How many contested positions were there? Jamie: 2 or 3, membership coordinator and president I think.
    • Nate B: We should get people to affirmatively state what they're signing up to do, to make sure everyone's on the same page. And we should periodically follow up with them to see how all those goals are going and make sure they have the resources they need.
    • Evan: Yeah, who-and-why sounds cool. It should be a duty of the outgoing people to describe the position. Start the nominations as soon as the board is announced; if someone doesn't get one, they might want to run for the other. Open 'em up immediately, nomination and reason.
    • Jamie: I like most of what Evan said but the board could take a more active role in determining the visions for each position. (Example of the membership coordinator position, which is vague and big, also VP.) Maybe the organization would be better served by closely considering and delineating these things. We can do that as a board, and I think that fits more with what I think the board of directors should be doing, which is Directing (the officers).
    • Evan: Do we want to try to hash that out now?
  • do this now?
    • Jamie wants a list of the officers we actually want to appoint so we can start nominations.
    • Mike's happy to run the process.
    • Terry suggests: Write it down!
    • Evan and Jamie debate whether or not to make the nominations public, do that at the end but keep it private while gathering opinions?

Matt Arnold writes officer descriptions on the whiteboard... Jamie and Evan debate roles for PR and stuffs. (20 minutes of flying-debate ensues, while Matt outlines duties on the board)

  • What are the member advocate's duties? Matt Arnold will email that out again.
  • Does the landlord liaison duty go under any particular officer? Should that be its own officer? Terry: Some officer should be the *coordination point* for that, because the landlord talks to whoever he walks in on.
  • Mike: Throw "VP of Infrastructure" on there as an officer position. Evan: Wants to maintain a distinction between zones and officers. Thinks it should go up there as an officer's duty.
  • Discussion about duties of VP: Leora: Charlie, what stuff has been rolling your way? Charlie: Did a lot of PR and classes stuff, but everything was so undefined it was hard to be successful. Jamie: Charlie did a good job, let's split up PR and classes.
  • Discussion about splitting member onboarding and retention, keymaster and gatekeeper, whatever we want to call them.
  • A list emerges: (oh please just transcribe the whiteboard I'm not doing all this while it's changing.)

Officers List


  • PR
  • External Liasion
  • Business Cards
  • Web Site Content
  • Social Media

Senior VP

  • Helps with president's duties
  • Also fills in for other officers as needed
  • "Official" VP on paperwork

VP of Activities & Classes

  • Seek/Promote Classes
  • Maintain/Clean Calendar
  • Help with Eventbrite

VP of Membership-Onboarding

  • Welcoming new members
  • Membership orientation
  • Data entry into new systems

VP of Membership-Retention

  • Termination/CRM Cleanup
  • Telling members "we miss you"
  • Trying to increase membership retention

VP of Membership-Member Advocate

  • Hears members' complaints
  • Makes sure process moves forward
  • Reports back to parties on outcome
  • Arbitration/Mediation if required


  • Taking minutes
  • Managing Votes/Elections
  • Historian
  • Disciplinary Action Records
  • Managing passwords


  • No issues
  • See the Treasurer's HOWTO for current info

Floor Plan Report

Officer Reports


Boardsept15.JPG This report is good, numbers given over the previous few days may need revision.

Membership Coordinator

No report.


Gonna try to make a report of who's on what accounts. Many have tried, Jamie's gonna start. Including: If we can't figure out who has the password, change the password and distribute it, so we know who has it.


No report.

Vice President

  • Charlie: The Siemens thing just won't die, we are currently waiting on Siemens' integrator to fill staffing holes so they can come teach us to actually use SolidEdge after we've all forgotten.
  • Evan: Did we actually get money and buy things with it? Dock, keyboard, stuff?
  • Charlie: We got the dock, but we didn't get money for any of the rest of the stuff. I personally donated a mouse.
  • Terry: It's set up in the CNC zone as of this morning. They want to host a class.
  • Nate B: Note that a lot of i3 members may have held off from being in the class, to leave spots for the public.
  • Charlie: That was an ooh-shiny showoff, this upcoming one will be more advanced topics. Mostly internal?

Closing cowbell 9:18pm

Lost & Found Party

Action Items

Action ItemPOC
Cleanup committee pageJamie
Generate a 'how to use the tax id' guidelineTerry
Give old air compressor back to former membersEvan


ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Elect Mike as Chairperson of the BoardMikeMatt80PASS

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:9:18pm
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 13


  1. Jamie Burdeski
  2. Amelia Meyer
  3. Adrienne Patterson
  4. Matt Arnold
  5. Justin Triplett
  6. Leora Druckman
  7. Brian McPherson
  8. Matt Huber
  9. Mike Fink
  10. Evan Allen
  11. Matt Gardeski
  12. Nate Bezanson
  13. Terry Wynn

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