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Agenda for 04-11-2017

Chair: Charlie R

Officer Reports

Treasury and Budget Report for March 2017

  • Financial Grade: A
  • Emergency: $14K Checking : $4K BNektar: $3K Paypal: $2K Total: $23K
  • Terry: We've been pretty light on reimbursements so far, not including Potlock
  • Tony asks about who handles the membership rolls, how many are joining and leaving, and how we handle members who leave
    • Terry says once a quarter he reviews the rolls and deactivates keys for those who haven't been responsive in
    • Charlie loaded a report from the CRM: we have 155 current members, 10 scholarship, and 24 in onboarding. Matt C will have more info later in the meeting.


  • Nothing to report


  • Charlie notes he has made several topics confidential to the general public and they can be disclosed to members if they ask.
  • David asks where the members mailing list stands. Charlie suggests that decision is left to the board. Evan notes that the member's list can contain at most anyone who has ever been a member. For now we will handle requests individually.

Confidential topic Alpha

  • Discussion was had and is available upon written request by members of i3Detroit.

Confidential topic Beta

  • Discussion was had and is available upon written request by members of i3Detroit.

Potlock Follow up

  • Charlie thought we had an OK turnout. The advertising this time was lacking, and he didn't bug as many people as he wanted individually.

Makerfaire look-ahead

  • Charlie is going to work with Dana to get started on Maker Faire planning soon.
  • Sam and Joseph would like to run the party.

Senior Vice President

  • Vivian says she's heard from a couple zone coordinators who haven't felt supported and we should hear more from later.
  • She also asks if there are plans to push for more activity in the jewelry and kiln zones, since she feels she hasn't seen much activity there and we have invested money into the zones.
    • It is pointed out there seems to be no one available to provide training in these zones.
    • Evan notes we received feedback from zone coordinators who wanted help last fall, and those requests were put out to the mailing list.
  • Tony asks what types of training are needed.
    • Jan mentions the enameling kiln, for which Tanya says there is a large skillset required to use and it would be easy to void the warranty through misuse.
    • Karianne volunteered to look into the jewelry zone since she has some experience in that area.
  • Nate B notes that we don't differentiate, when people ask for training, whether they are experienced and just need a little help or are complete novices.
  • Nate B also points out that we can very likely fix anything that goes wrong with expensive equioment without worrying about the warranty, and this should be impressed upon coordinators.
  • Vivian will also work with Leora on the kiln zone training.
  • David points out we still don't have a ceramics coordinator. Karianne says she has experience with ceramics as well.
  • Evan says we should remind everyone we have need for people in various zones, and we should work with coordinators to get people who know what their doing to help out on these zones. Anyone with relevant skillsets would be very valuable.
  • Alec volunteers to make this announcement at the next meeting.

VP of Activities & Classes

  • Nick feels like he hasn't gotten help with his position since he started, and he feels maybe he shouldn't have accepted his position. He says he's been made to feel ashamed and hasn't wanted to do the job for months and thinks he should have received more support to fill the position.
  • Charlie apologizes that Nick hasn't gotten any help, and mentions that what we have as a guide was not very useful.
  • Tony thinks there should be more personal accountability with taking a position and not blaming everyone else who he feels are doing much of the work of the organization.
  • Charlie sees this point but also agrees we could have done more. We need to make sure that when someone accepts a volunteer responsibility, we don't leave them hanging.

VP of Membership-Onboarding

  • Matt C has some statistics:
    • Three or four have passed onboarding to membership since the last meeting and one is between phase 2 and membership
    • 9 have been invited to phase 2 but haven't submitted it since he took over last year.

VP of Membership-Retention

  • Nothing to report

VP of Membership-Member Advocate

  • No new issues to report.

Old Business

Action Item Review

Action Item POC Status Talk to B. Nektar. Charlie Done
Get a quote from a cleaning service for one month and for recurring cleaning Terry Not done yet
Get another quote from a cleaning service for one month and for recurring cleaning Alec Done
Poke Lego into getting a ToDo list posted on the FabLab. Evan Done
Post a ToDo list for the Snapple vending machine. Evan Done
Order and make some labels Mike Labels are here. I'd like feedback on their text.

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting

  • Slack has been quiet
  • Discussion of how we filled the past open board position and in general how meetings are viewed by members.
  • Wood shop bandsaw issues. Camera review not needed.

New Business

Leatherworking Zone

  • Karianne notes we have a lot of equipment being donated/lent, but we still need some supplies (leather & dye), equipment repair, and workbenches. About $750 for the year.
  • Charlie asks what the budget would be without consumables. Karianne says $250.
  • Evan points out that donated items are treated very different from lent items, since i3 owns the former but owners can take the latter with them.
  • Terry says $750 would be ok spread over the year.
  • Alec asks if class funds would be a feasible mechanism to cover consumable costs. Karianne agrees.
  • Evan asks if the $50 requested to repair the sewing machine would be donated or lent. Karianne: lent.
Budget $250 for the leatherworking zone
Moved by Alec, Seconded by Jan
7 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Embroidery Dongle

  • To replace the missing dongle, it would be approximately $2000 for the software.
  • Jan and Kevin are requesting a camera review to try to track down the item.
  • Kevin has drawn a fantastic sketch of the USB stick and its case which is attached along with a photo of the USB Stick. The case is the size of a small jewelry box.

Donglesketch.jpg HusqvarnaDesignerSE SoftwareDongle.jpg

Fab Lab Move

  • Andrew has asked for a two week extension for moving items out of the Fab Lab.
  • James is OK waiting two more weeks to move the media lab into the old Fab Lab
Extend the fab lab's deadline to move out all equipment by two weeks to 4/25
Moved by Alec, Seconded by Jan
7 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 9:24
  • Funds appropriated: $250
  • Attendees: 15

Action Items

No action items.


ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Extend the fab lab's deadline to move out all equipment by two weeks to 4/25AlecJan70PASS
Budget $250 for the leatherworking zoneAlecJan70PASS


  1. Charlie R
  2. Mike F
  3. Alec B
  4. Matt C
  5. Tony S
  6. Mike W
  7. Karianne G
  8. James O
  9. Evan A
  10. Nickolas A
  11. Terry W
  12. David H
  13. Jan H
  14. Vivian S
  15. Kevin F
  16. Matt G

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