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Agenda for 08-08-2017

Chair: Alec B

Officer Reports

Treasurer & Budget

  • Not present
  • Charlie: We should get Terry's info stored somewhere we can access in an emergency.
Action Item: Alec B - Email Terry to have him put all his stuff on Google Drive.


  • The nomination period for the next board is open.
Action Item: Mike - Create wiki page questionaire for nominees


  • Charlie has confirmed with the landlord that B. Nektar is moving out soon.
  • He doesn't expect us to see a lease until the day before we take it over.
  • He's been looking into insurance, but is having trouble finding where to start and could use help from someone who knows insurance better.

Senior Vice President

  • Vivian has been looking into grants and got a lot of pushback that i3 looks more like a private clubhouse than a community resource.
  • Charlie wants to pursue this once he's done as president, and suggests this should also be a big part the board's job going forward.
  • Nate points out that the 'In the Media' section on the wiki could be very helpful for this.

VP of Activities & Classes

  • New Goal for 2017-2018. Two classes per month with public promotion
  • Several ideas planned: Kicad, PCBs, Blender, Music theory, epoxy art, etc
  • Always looking for instructors, new classes, and class requests

VP of Membership-Onboarding

  • Matt is working through the backlog from the time he was out of the country.
  • He'll be sending out an email to everyone who asked for more info at Maker Faire
  • There's been an big uptick new members willing to help out
  • We're up 8 members since the beginning of July
  • We've issued 2 new scholarships in the past month.
Action Item: Dana & Matt - Email check-in with scholarship recipients
  • Nate points out with 13 scholarships, we're very near the 147 members /10 = 14 scholarship limit.
  • All but 3 of the current scholarships will be ending in January so we will reevaluate then.

VP of Membership-Retention

  • We're down 2 or 3 members in the past month, no notable reasons given
  • Charlie notes he's noticed we lose a lot of members when they have kids, since we aren't very kid friendly and we could work on that going forward.
  • Dana wants to help promote kids and families, and may talk to Nikki for a blog post.

VP of Membership-Member Advocate

  • No new issues in the past couple months

Old Business

Action Item Review

Put out voting change proposal to the mailing list for next week's memeber meeting. - Mike will do that tonight.

Action Item: Mike - Send out email proposing voting change/clarification

Work with Leora on survey stuff - Dana will do that now that Maker Faire is over.

Action Item: Dana - Work with Leora on survey info

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting

  • Insurance - Who's managing our insurance policy? Charlie will check with Terry.

New Business

Class Funding

  • James would like us to unfreeze $400 from the class funding budget to support new classes
  • Evan suggets we table this to the mailing list so we can check with Terry

Space & Zone Discussions

Floor Plan

  • The next member meeting will include a discussion on floorplanning for our expansion, to get more people involved in the process and get more community support for all the work there will be to do. James will be leading the discussion.
  • David suggests including relevant links to the building drawing and such.
Action Item: Mike - Include the floorplan and info relevant to this discussion in the next member meeting email

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:25
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 17

Action Item Summary

Action ItemPOC
Create wiki page questionaire for nomineesMike
Email check-in with scholarship recipientsDana & Matt
Email Terry to have him put all his stuff on Google Drive.Alec B
Include the floorplan and info relevant to this discussion in the next member meeting emailMike
Send out email proposing voting change/clarificationMike
Work with Leora on survey infoDana

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Charlie R
  2. Mike F
  3. Alec B
  4. David H
  5. Jeff P
  6. Joseph B
  7. Dana N
  8. Mike W
  9. Evan A
  10. Matt C
  11. Karianne G
  12. Nate B
  13. Jan H
  14. Matt G
  15. Vivian S
  16. Roger S
  17. James O

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