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Agenda for 12-14-2017

Chair: Alec B

Officer Reports

Treasury and Budget Report for Nov 2017

  • Financial Grade: A
  • Emergency: $28.75K Build Out Fund: $.75K Checking : $3.5K BNektar: $2.2K Paypal: $1.3K
  • Total: $36.5K
  • Your supporters (4 households) who shopped at Kroger between 7-31-2017 and 10-30-2017 (Cycle 17, Qtr 2) have contributed to your $30.55 total donation.
  • We received a $150 donation to the Scholarship fund.
  • Starting with this report I am going to start to split the Emergency Funds into two sub-categories: a) a category to pay the expansion increment on rent and electrical for 9 months (~27K) ,i.e. a safety factor, still calling it our Emergency Fund, b) a buildout fund for costs associated with opening an expansion. I will put 1/2 savings over $27K into the buildout fund with the remaining 1/2 going into EFund until we reach 12 months ($36K) safety factor in the EFund. Then all additional savings go into buildout fund.
  • Each Months Running balance for Zone Funds are at [1]


  • Nothing to report


  • Vivian is going to focus on the list she mentioned at the last meeting in January since things are slow at outside groups right now with the holidays.

Senior Vice President

  • Nothing to report

VP of Activities & Classes

  • Epoxy resin class & wreath making classes are this Saturday

VP of Membership-Onboarding

12/14 11/13
Pre-Phase 1 1 2
Phase 1 1 2
Phase 2 15 10
Post-Phase 2 2 1
Member 47 44
  • Several previous scholarship recipients (2 or 3) have signed up as mmebers and we have some new scholarship recipients.
  • Alec: Have many new members been from TechShop?
  • Matt knows of one for sure

VP of Membership-Retention

  • n/a

VP of Membership-Member Advocate

  • Alec is working with Emily to update the harassment policy to be more clear on things we frown upon.
  • There was one issue recently with a complaint over language used by a member.

Old Business

Action Item Review

  • n/a

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting

  • The board voted to change the bylaws to be clear that minors cannoy be members. A proposal will also be brought at the next member meeting to vote on this as well.

New Business

Guest Policy

  • Joseph would like input on preparing 'guest policy' modification for membership vote on 12/19. Joseph proposes modifying the guest policy to limit five adult guests per member, ten adult guests per member thereafter (the unlimited has been abused in the past). Adding 1.5 minors per adult guest. Policies can not have overlap ie 4 adult members can host: 15 adult guests and 3 minor guests, or 6 minor guests, or 5 adults and 4.5 kids, or 35 adults.
  • Alec suggests this would be best discussed on the mailing list

Gallery Show Discusssion

  • Thomas T is wondering what the right channels are to host a gallery showing at i3 with his own work and potentially work of other i3 members and inviting his fellow students from LTU. Would be around May.
  • Alec suggests getting in touch with Jen N for help setting up the event
  • Matt H recommends recruiting a few helpers, and doesn't see any problems with the idea.

i3 Demo Day

  • James is organizing Demo Day on January 27, 2018
  • He is requesting a budget of $400 for refreshments, snacks, marketting, demo supplies, etc.
  • Tony: How many people are expected?
  • James no idea yet, it's all still coming together
Treasurer has approved, allocate $400 for James' January Demo Day event
Moved by Matt H, Seconded by Jody
6 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Space & Zone Discussions

Floor Plan

  • Vivian is going to take over planning for the potential expansion once B. Nektar moves out
  • Our lease renewall is also coming up in a few months

Member Storage

  • n/a

Committee Reports

Moderation Committee

  • n/a

Lost & Found Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:05 pm
  • Funds appropriated:
  • Attendees: 11

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Treasurer has approved, allocate $400 for James' January Demo Day eventMatt HJody60PASS


  1. Mike F
  2. Tony S
  3. Joseph B
  4. David H
  5. Matt C
  6. Alec B
  7. Matt H
  8. Jody R
  9. Vivian S
  10. James O
  11. Thomas T

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