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Agenda for 06-26-2018

Chair: Alec

Officer Reports

Treasurer & Budget

We haven't been tracking really great up until now, but Mel is working on getting our monthly income and expenses cleaned up. Evan will be getting a quote on how much we expect expansion to cost to help with budgeting for that. Here are the numbers for May:

  • Income: $12,526.81
  • Expenses: $(12,298.13)
  • Net: $228.68
  • Some timing issues with electric bills means expenses are higher than usual.
  • Alec thanks Mel for taking over and doing a great job so far. Applause
  • David: Do you need help from zone coordinators for the tax report?
  • Mel: hasn't touched that since taking over but will be working on that soon. Has heard from all zone coordinators in at least some way.


  • Nothing to report


Work In Progress (W.I.P.):

  • Documentation for UM School of Social Work outlining "MakerRoom Project/Pilot" for Detroit area schools
    • Goal is to teach maker skills to upperclassmen in social work so they can implement maker oriented projects in their social work.
  • Working with Charlie on Lease for existing space and B. Nektar space. Charlie has a good rapport with the landlord. He's OK with us being month-to-month and when B. Nektar is ready to move we'll sign a new lease Also please do not pester B. Nektar people about when they're planning to move. We don't need many uncoordinated points of contact.
  • All things Maker Faire.
  • Discussion on Wood Working Zone re-arrangement
    • Plan is to move member storage tower south 4 feet
    • David: Doesn't think the board has any major issues with this, just have to deal with getting people to remove their stuff
    • Alec: Would it block sheet goods storage?
    • Greg: No, it will line up with the member storage on the wall.
    • Jeff suggests doing it at an August member meeting.
    • Greg suggests it will take more time and should happen at the next Potlock.
    • Matt H: Is four feet south the minimum necessary or the best of possible options?
    • Greg: It's the best option
Approve moving the member storage structure 4 feet south
Moved by Tony, Seconded by David
6 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS
  • Question: Did we ever decide to institute a document for i3 incidents that members can fill out?
    • Alec: there hasn't been any motion on that. Alec will talk to Vivian after the meeting.

Senior Vice President

  • Nothing to report

VP of Activities & Classes

  • 12 classes and 35 other events since last board meeting. Only 2 were member-only.
  • 77 guests counted on the sign in sheets since the last Board Meeting.

VP of Membership-Onboarding

  • Up 7 members since the last board meeting.
  • 2 new scholarship and 1 renewall.
  • Matt spoke to some others at NOMCon about onboarding and they thought our process was slick.
  • Contacted 5-10 people stuck in phase 2

VP of Membership-Member Advocate

  • Alec and Emily are each each addressing one item, nothing else to report.

Old Business

Action Item Review

Add discussion [Bathroom cleaning] to the next member meeting. - Jamie - Done.

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting

Appointment of New Treasurer

The following was adopted by email vote:

Appoint Mel Gilchrist as treasurer.
Moved by David, Seconded by Jody
7 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Postpone June Meeting

Postpone the board meeting on 6/12/18 until 6/26/18
Moved by Jody, Seconded by Jan
7 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Scholarship Applications

  • Several scholarship applications were discussed


  • Discussion of moving the storage tower and whether or not we should continue having storage.

New Business

Royal Starr Film Festival Partnership

POC: James O'Dell

  • Royal Starr (https://www.royalstarr.org) is looking to partner with i3Detroit.
  • i3Detroit would gain access to the established film maker community, including actors, directors, writers, prop makers, costume makers, special effects, digital effects, etc
  • i3Detroit would be able to advertise with logos on the big screen, a table at the monthly mixer events.
  • Royal Starr is asking for four (4) free memberships. Access to i3 space to hold board or director meetings and a future film maker mixer.
  • Royal Starr would like to add a maker element to the film festival and we are the best maker space around!
  • Joseph: is that 4 memberships they want free or do they just want to be members?
  • James: We would provide that for free.
  • David: That would be us giving up $2400 (annual cost of 4 memberships) and letting them use the space for meetings in exchange for advertising.
  • James: Some of those involved are former members. They want four so they can have two people availble at any time to host meetings.
  • Tony: Are they just going to use the memberships for hosting meetings?
  • James: They would be regular members.
  • Lew: If the intent is to only host meetings and we give them scholarships, that takes away from other people who could have them.
  • Mel: how many scholarships are we currently using?
  • Matt: We have 170 members so 17 potential scholarships. We currently only have 5 recipients.
  • Gary: Do they want full access to the equipment here?
  • James: Yes
  • Gary: What about just allowing them to host meetings and not giving them tool access.
  • Matt: That would require creating a new class of member. We could give them the scholarships for the 6-month period and then re-evaluate what we are getting out of it and how active they are in the community.
  • Alec & David suggests we sholdn't make any new classes.
  • Kevin: This is a very expectation-laden exchange. If they are going to be members, make sure they have expectations clearly laid out since both sides are getting something out of it.
  • Tony: The tangible benefit we'd be getting is advertisement, and 4 memberships is a lot. He likes Matt C's suggestion of if we do this with scholarships, re-evaluate after 6 months.
  • Vivian: why not give the representative who James spoke with to pitch this
  • Mel: From our tax and growth perspective, this could be another area we could expand into, and currently we have a lot of unused scholarships.
  • Lew: If they want to show off the space to their community, we could invite them to come in for a tour sometimes.
  • Mike: Do they want the memberships because they can't afford them?
  • James: No, it would be a trade.
  • Matt H, Joseph, ALec, Jan would like to hear from their representative or the four potential members.

Jewelery Zone

  • Tanya has been coordinating by herself with some help from Lew.
  • They've been teaching a lot of classes recently and they're having some space issues with having enough room for students to work. Some people have complained that we only have a hallway.
  • Tanya would like to be able to use the space currently taken up by carts.
  • Alec: So you want to add the cart storage area to the jewelry zone?
  • Tanya: Yes
  • Mel: If you move the carts to large project storage where does that go?
  • Lew: If you move the carts near the garage door area you don't have the disrupt large project storage.
  • David: Would the commons' tables be useful? They could temporarily be moved over there during classes.
  • Tanya: Yes, that would give more space. It was really crowded at the last class wtih 7 people.
  • Lew: We need a solid base to mount equipment to. We used the vinyl zone desk at the vinyl desk, until someone came in to use the vinyl cutter and we had to move.
  • Lew: We could swap spaces between Jewelry and Kiln zone.
  • Alec: thinks that would be unsafe when the kilns are running.
  • Joseph thinks carts can be moved and it's a solvable problem to move them.
  • Mel: Could we swap Leather and Jewelery?
  • Lew: There still isn't enough space and it's difficult to access.
  • Alec: Does any board member want to make a motion on this?
  • David: It doesn't seem like there's a clear consensus other than more space is needed.
Table this discussion to slack
Moved by Jody, Seconded by Matt H
6 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Wayne Metro Community Action Agency

  • Thomas, while tending bar at The Henry Ford, recently spoke to some members of the Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency
  • A collection of politicians and businesspeople. Their goal is to reduce poverty and help bring people out of poverty.
  • There was a desire to speak with someone more official to learn more about i3, and there was some talk of fundraising.
  • David: thinks it would be great if they wanted to come in for a tour and to talk.
  • Matt H: Agrees, and thinks it's important for them to see and understand our community.
  • Lew: We should avoid avoid anything overtly politically connected.
  • Mel: From their website, they don't look political. They're a nonprofit working to eradicate poverty that looks like they partner with many other organizations.
  • Thomas is looking for help in help communicating with them.
  • Joseph volunteers to communicate/phone/email with them for i3.


  • Request $1500 for Maker Faire.
  • Money to be used for truck rental, new brochures, flyers, new small tent? Previous tent was damaged. Plan to spend much less, but, don't want to under estimate.
Allocate up to $1500 for Maker Faire expenses
Moved by Matt H, Seconded by David
7 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS
Allocate up to $500 for the Maker Faire after-party
Moved by Joseph, Seconded by David
7 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS
  • David: is the expectation usually that recoup expenses at the party?
  • Joseph: We have in past years.

Rocket Fiber

  • Jeff: Has anyone else followed up about getting Rocket Fiber?
  • Mel: Has provided Swit our current internet expenses and he has talked to them. So far they aren't crossing the railroad tracks.

Advertising to Tech Shop Members

  • Gary has a list of tech shop mailing addresses and he is wondering if we want to do anything with that?
  • Matt H: Where did the list come from?
  • Gary: It came from the tech shop bankruptcy filing. It includes members, sponsors, and others who had dealing with them so we'd have to do some culling. It's all public info.
  • David: That seems really spammy and weasley.
  • Matt H: It seems really orthogonal to how we usually do things.
  • Vivian suggests if we were going to do anything, do it with an open house or when we expand.
  • Gary mentions the list will eventually get stale if we sit on it too long.
  • David: his personal view is that when an organization takes information that was exposed publicly and uses it to send unsolicited emails it really lowers his opinion of that organization.
  • Gary: It's mailing addresses, not email addressses.
  • David: That's still the same issue.
  • Gary: That's how a lot of marketing works, and it would just be an awareness thing, not asking for a sale.
  • Tony: Still doesn't think that's how we do things.
  • Alec: Summing up, it doesn't seem like there's a lot of support for this. Further discussion can happen in #Marketing on slack.

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 9:15
  • Funds appropriated: $2000
  • Attendees: 18

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Approve moving the member storage structure 4 feet southTonyDavid60PASS
Appoint Mel Gilchrist as treasurer.DavidJody70PASS
Allocate up to $500 for the Maker Faire after-partyJosephDavid70PASS
Table this discussion to slackJodyMatt H60PASS
Postpone the board meeting on 6/12/18 until 6/26/18JodyJan70PASS
Allocate up to $1500 for Maker Faire expensesMatt HDavid70PASS


  1. Alec
  2. Mike
  3. Lew
  4. Matt H
  5. Tony S
  6. Jeff P
  7. Vivian S
  8. Matt C
  9. Joseph B
  10. Tanya T
  11. Jan H
  12. David H
  13. Greg S
  14. James O
  15. Paul L
  16. Thomas T
  17. Gary G
  18. Jody R

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