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Agenda for 11-13-2018

'Chair: Matt Carpenter

Officer Reports

Treasurer & Tax


Member income: $7,350
zone/SIG income: $81.50
net class income: $346.84
donations: $3.00
Total income: $7,781.34
Expenses: $10,155.30
Net for October: -$2374.00
Bank balance $58,418.56
Emergency Fund ($30,000.00)
Net $28,418.56
  • DAVG decided to up their donation from $100 to $200. (Got a $1200 grant, $1000 was used for their trip and event)
  • Also, for timing reasons, we paid rent 3 times in October.
  • Amazon reinstated us, yay! We're still looking at a new processor. (they had previously dropped us for not being a 501c3. It took a couple weeks to convince them we are. Mel has been poking them to fix it, finally worked.)
  • Q: Charlie - Are there actually complaints about only using Paypal? A: Mel - Yes.
  • Meeting with interested folks on Thursday evening. Contact Treasurer if you want to be involved.
  • Might be looking at membership issues because of Amazon Interruptions.


Thanks for all the help, especially Jody, Paul, & Mark. First draft has been sent. Second will be out tonight. Final should be ready to sign shortly.


  • No progress on finding a replacement or note-taker
  • Idea: Record and transcribe? Generally popular, but issues need to be addressed.
  • Nes volunteers to take notes at next board meeting!


  • Nada

Senior Vice President

  • Couldn't make it

VP of Activities & Classes

  • CNC class happened, seems to have gone well (Thanks Brandon!)
  • Next CNC happening in December
  • Upcoming: Make fancy butter

VP of Membership-Onboarding

  • Since 11/1 - 5 new members (gross)
  • Will add more info after

VP of Membership-Member Advocate

  • Only 1 minor item/concern. Review of the guest policy.

Old Business

Action Item Review

  • Lease, we need to review the pricing data we have and make a proposal.
  • Discussion of rent amounts [redacted]
  • Proposed lease terms:
    • Allowed to break lease with no penalty if the neighboring space isn't available by July 2019
    • Clarifications on "Secrecy" term
    • Maintenance responsibility clarification

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting

  • Landlord meeting happened, discussion of lease numbers currently and going forward.
  • Next Landlord meeting to happen when he gets back from a trip.
  • New lease terms discussion.
  • Read the Harassment policy and prohibited activities requirement during membership process
  • Clarification of parking ticket rules
  • Officer and ZC confirmations
  • Google Groups Weirdness (not showing what should be)
  • Establishment of Key Box
  • Vending Zone ideas/complaints
  • Many Waivers not filled correctly (not signed, no date, etc)
  • NoM Survey
  • Tool Crib tools
  • Ways to enhance communication (Slack notification options)
  • Upcoming Budget meeting
  • Payment processing options

New Business

  • Charlie's epiphany:
    • Nate's drills exemplify the point that tools have a shelf life (everything does)
    • We have the ability to keep things working
    • Treasurer is working on depreciation tables (financial)
    • Mike: financial isn't the same as working life
    • Charlie pulls it back: ZCs that want new toys should include lifespan data for future planning
    • Set funds aside from the beginning for replacement (Add that to the "usage fees" etc.)
    • Nate's example: Drill batteries wear out, don't pretend to be surprised. Space is trying to own its own tools, rather than member tools
    • Inaudible: The space is finally older than the life span of Harbor Freight tools
    • Charlie: What do we do for the next 100 years?
    • Mark: Estimated Lifespan is a good idea
    • (Calm, orderly discussion regarding budgets and maintenance stuff, so calm that it was impossible to record)
    • Charlie: We need to formally and officially finish the process of i3 owning tools, and thanks to everyone who had stuff here!
  • Budget discussion:
    • Do we give money to the zones, or have budget/reimbursement process
    • Art: Corporate waste from "Use-it-or-loose-it"
    • Art: Idea: Use percentage of overage vs dollar amounts
    • Jody: Split it, UIOLI for maintenance, Saved for nice to have
    • Art: Mumble grumble
    • Mark: "Operational" vs "Capital"
    • Dave: Ideal is zone self sufficiency
    • Charlie is super proud that Vinyl is self-sufficient. Wants a new cutter, and wants to fix things that aren't perfect... Where does that fall?
    • Art: Price cap, age expected to last, VS keeping zone running
    • Jody/Mel: taxes problem? Nah...
    • Nate: Expansion freeze rememberation... Suggest thought experiment: "What could each zone do with $1000?"
    • Mike: Concern, SIGs? (General consensus, of course)
    • Mike wants to pull an Oprah.
    • Art Loves this idea
    • Mel wants to focus on zone contributions for maintenance (which would help leave more money for zone shiny-fication)
    • Budget meeting pregaming...
    • Jody: Can we narrow this down to what we want to ask the ZCs
    • Mark: How much does your zone get used for SPACE BUSINESS
    • David: 3rd Tuesday meeting to discuss (NES VOLUNTEEERED AGAIN!)
  • Alec budget request
    • $325 for New (quality) stools (5 of them)
    • Mark moves, jody seconds, Unanimous for
  • Thank you for Representing us! (alex and Marc) (Thanks for the donation as well!!)
  • Jan Budget request
    • $400-500 for Serger Repair
    • Dave: Warrantied?
    • Jan: I'll be asking
    • Jody: How long do we expect this to last (and replacement cost?)
    • Jan: New would be $1800, expected to only last another couple years, and also needs yearly maintenance...
    • Nate: Usage fees?
    • Jan: Haven't before... Maybe need to?
    • Charlie: I remember this thing breaking alot...
    • Jan: No no no, that's the heap-o-crap embroidery machine
    • Charlie: Are these appropriate for being here, standing up to our use/abuse?
    • Jan: We're doing research. It's a trade off, ease of use vs. durability
    • Several people: YES
    • Jody: Can we just spend the $800 for the used/new one with a good warranty?
    • Paul: Proposal: Give Sewing $800 to make serging happen, ZC discretion, but leaning towards reliability. Mark Second - Unanimous pass
  • Paul asks for budget for Butter thing
    • Alec:Past board ok'd a fund for class fund... Mel has no record about it
    • Paul motions for $200 for class budget for remainder of year - Mark Seconds - Passes unanimous (Paul abstains)
  • Mark: Budget around $200 (w/in 20%) to let Nate buy new batteries for his tools. Paul seconds. Unanimous pass

Space & Zone Discussions

Floor Plan

  • N/A

Member Storage

  • N/A

Committee Reports

  • N/A

Safety & Compliance Committee

  • N/A

Moderation Committee

  • N/A

Lost & Found Party

  • Yay!

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
    • 20:57
  • Funds appropriated:
    • $375 for stools, passed
    • Side shift of Halloween funds for prizes and stuff... sure.
    • $800 for Sewing for Serger
    • $200 ish for Nate to buy new batteries
  • Attendees:

Matt C. - Chair Jody - Transcription Charlie David Jan Paul Mark Alec Art Nes Mike F.. Nate Mel Brian Logsten Matthew From

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Chair
  2. Secretary

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