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Agenda for 05-12-2020

Chair: Jamie B

Meeting Location

Meeting held virtually on Google Meet due to MI EO 2020-69 at i3detroit.org/hangouts

Meeting was Called to Order At: 7:35pm

Officer Reports

Treasurer & Budget

Treasurer's report: https://www.i3detroit.org/wi/images/0/02/April2020ProfitandLoss.pdf

  • Note: Utilities bills from April are still largely from when we were open.
Bank balance $100,736.74
Emergency Fund ($30,000.00)
Allocated to Zones/SIGs/etc. ($27,256.64)
Allocated to Expansion (MEDC) ($40,517.77)
Net $2,962.33

Largely because of hiatus members, we're down about $800 for the month.

Worst case is still approximately 2 years if income were to suddenly disappear and all corrective actions were taken.

Given current trends, it is unlikely that i3 will have financial difficulties before we expect to reopen.

Taxes and MEDC: 2018 Taxes are holding up getting a Soliciter's License which is holding up getting all of our funding. 2018 Taxes are delayed because of poor past record keeping to essentially get all our are past income and expenses to line up with our current bank balance. We want this to be fairly accurate since errors in it will propagate to future years' taxes. Mel needs some help sorting through past bank statements and extracting all the data. Slack channel for the project will be



  • Trying to keep tabs on stuff on Slack
  • Spearheading organizing logistics reopening the space for when we're able
    • Discussion of when we can open and in what capacity. Board will decide when to reopen but members will work out how. Discussion is on mailing list and in Slack in #covid-19-policy.

Senior Vice President

  • Reminder we have a Discord for socializing

VP of Activities & Classes

  • i3TV podcast is Fridays at 9:30 on youtube
  • Mel's running a virtual class Saturay May 16 at 4pm on Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the CARES Act

VP of Membership-Onboarding

Since March 1, we've had 11 members go on Hiatus.

  • Member changes since last meeting
    • 4 Members have gone on Hiatus
    • 1 Member has gone to scholarship
  • Scholarship fund metrics
    • 10 Members on scholarship
    • $500 allocated (of $944 total fund)
    • All money being held in reserve for members to finish joining the space has expired and been freed up

Member Advocate

Committee Reports

Limited Use Approval Committee

  • Have approved 4 more individuals' projects since the last meeting.

Bylaws Committee

  • On hold for now.

CRM Committee

It works! (for everyone on a standard monthly plan. Still working on some edge cases.)

Still working on some semi-essential features, and slowly adding nice-to-haves.

We aren't pushing hard for people to switch because rocking the boat at this time seems like a bad idea. We've got about a dozen-ish people using it now, and it seems to be behaving.

Expansion Committee

Working with architects on defining the scope of our project and scheduling a meeting with the city to see what they require to implement said project. Progress is continuing slowly.

Also need to start making arrangements for physical work to be done at the space - right now that includes scheduling installation of the double door near Woodshop and arranging clean-out of the floor trap on B side. More may come after the meeting with the city.

Should we be planning something to store a bunch of flammable sanitizing cleaners?

Fundraising Committee

Most activities are on hold for the time being.

MEDC is still pestering us to finish up our paperwork so they can give us the money and get us off their books. Treasurer is working to get that done.

Biggest need is a letter drafted to our backers with rewards letting them know that they aren't forgotten, and their stuff will be sent, but current issues...

Safety & Compliance Committee

Moderation Committee

Camera Review Review

Old Business

Motion to approve last months minutes
Moved by Mel, Seconded by Mike
6 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting

  • Not much, most discussions have been in the public channels.

New Business

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:52
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 9

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Motion to approve last months minutesMelMike60PASS


  1. Jamie B
  2. Mike F
  3. Mel G
  4. David H
  5. Paul L
  6. Jody R
  7. A'Lisa K
  8. Jan H
  9. Matt C

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