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Agenda for 06-09-2020

Chair: Jamie

Meeting Location


Meeting was Called to Order At:1950

Officer Reports

Treasurer & Budget

Treasurer's report: https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/File:May2020ProfitandLoss.pdf

Bank balance $100,736.74
Emergency Fund ($30,000)
Allocated to Zones/SIGs/etc. ($27,256.64)
Allocated to Expansion (MEDC) ($40,517.77)
Net $2,962.33

Worst Case Scenario (if we lost all funding and still had to pay all bills): 15 months.

General report: Things are stable, but some things are slipping. Some bills are down because of the low usage of the space (electricity is the lowest it's ever been since we moved in). However, there are an increasing number of people who's payments have been falling off, most likely just honest mistakes and credit card attrition, or people who paid a year and haven't noticed it's time. An automated system to let people know they are behind on their dues is being worked on. In the meantime, members are encouraged to check their CRM accounts and make sure they are up-to-date. The effort to get everyone switched over to the new system continues, and will ramp up as the space comes back to regular operating conditions.

Note to Board and Membership: Due to a mixup during the pandemic, there were 5 bounced checks from our account this month. The fees will be included in next month's Treasurer report. There is also an effort being made to get the bank to waive some or all of the fees. Additionally, notes are being added to the HowTo Be Treasurer wiki page for reference of new treasurers on how to prevent this from happening again. Jody will be available after the board meeting to discuss details.


Approve the minutes for the following Board meetings.
Moved by Mel; Seconded by Paul
7 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS


  • Called a couple special meetings to discuss COVID rules and coordinate between membership and board.
  • Space reopened with new rules in place.
  • Some issues with keys being reactivated - data from CRM, waiver, and google forms do not talk to each other nearly as easily as we had thought without thesting anything.
  • plan to present a couple additional amendments to the rules next week - nothing substantial, just making sure every small thing we catch gets added.

VP of Activities & Classes

  • Overall movement towards virtual activities due to COVID.

VP of Membership-Onboarding

  • Currently no onboarding. Re-keying process is ongoing.
  • Issues are arising with non payment when going through the rekeying process.
  • Membership changes since last meeting:
    • 3 Member => Hiatus
    • 1 Scholarship => Member
    • 1 Hiatus => Member
    • 3 NULL => Scholarship

Member Advocate

Committee Reports

Bylaws Committee

  • Did not meet.

CRM Committee

Space is open! Now we can start seriously pushing people to switch to the new system. Have been working on updating annual plans, should probably start on partial scholarships next. Then we'll have accurate data to see who still needs to move. Forcing people to reactivate their keys is actually helping with this.

Expansion Committee

Still negotiating with the city. Most recent communications are pinned in the #expansion slack channel. Every loop seems to add a requirement. Now we need a handicap accessible drinking fountain?

Fundraising Committee

  • Did not meet.

Safety & Compliance Committee

Moderation Committee

  • Members of contact@ have been getting a lot of emails about search engine optimization. Mike has worked out a gmail modification to filter out specific spam email phrases.

Limited Use Approval Committee

  • Committee will be put on hiatus, due to the limited general reopening.
  • 7 projects in total were approved, overall operations went well with the exception of 3 unauthorized uses of i3.

Camera Review Review

  • 26May2020, based on possible covid policy non compliance. Mel|Mike|Matt|Paul|Jan.

Old Business

Email vote to allocate $500 for domain registration.
Moved by Matt, Seconded by Paul
5 Ayes / 2 Nays
Result: PASS

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting

  • Lots of logistical discussions about who was chairing or recordings minutes for various extra meetings.
  • More logistical stuff about getting all the technical stuff together to start reactivating keys.
  • Cintas called and we figured out who was responsible for scheduling to let them in the space to do their thing.
  • Someone complained about the waiver, but we decided if the lawyer thought it was fine, it's fine.
  • Two zone coordinators resigned. Kiln has a co-coordinator, and Jan agreed to represent board & cover Classroom for now.
  • We decided the landlord needs to fill out all the forms to get his key turned back on.
  • We discussed the data that lead us to decide to do a camera review.
  • We discussed the disciplinary actions that will be a result of that camera review.
  • President has been in contact with the insurance company.

New Business

  • Back dues and self hiatus will generally be handled on the basis of operating in good faith. Due to multiple types of technical issues it seems unfair to push the burden of fixing issues with payment onto the membership. Dues reconciliation will likely happen sometime in the 60 -120 day range. This policy is still being actively discussed.
  • To have your key reactivated you will need to be active in the CRM, but issues with this can be handled by the relevant officers on a case by case office.


Suspend member X for 1 week, for violating limited use policy,
Moved by Mel, Seconded by Paul
7 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS
Action Item: The Board - discuss the possibility of creating a 3rd member advocate position.
Action Item: The Board - Next month the board will consider sending an email asking for zone coordinator applications.
Action Item: Que - Discus updating the emergency contacts system

Zone Appointments


  • Nes resigned via email
  • She had planned to purchase the small kiln after the kiln zone bought a new kiln, will this still happen?
  • Jody will act as sole coordinator for the kiln zone.


  • L.U. resigned via slack
Appoint Jan interim zone coordinator of the classroom.
Moved by Mike, Seconded by Matt
6 Ayes / NAY Nays
Result: PASS

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:2202
  • Funds appropriated:0
  • Attendees:10

Action Item Summary

Action ItemPOC
Next month the board will consider sending an email asking for zone coordinator applications.The Board
discuss the possibility of creating a 3rd member advocate position.The Board
Discus updating the emergency contacts systemQue

Proposal Summary

ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Appoint Jan interim zone coordinator of the classroom.MikeMatt6NAYPASS
Email vote to allocate $500 for domain registration.MattPaul52PASS
Suspend member X for 1 week, for violating limited use policy,MelPaul70PASS


  1. Chair Jamie
  2. Secretary Kevin
  3. Mel
  4. Jody
  5. Thomas
  6. David
  7. Paul
  8. Matt
  9. Jan
  10. Mike

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