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Minutes for 09-14-2021

Meeting Location

Meeting was Called to Order At: 19:37 by Jamie


Virtual Meeting Etiquette

  • Be excellent.
  • Attendance and voting can be found in the #meetings slack channel.
  • Please show up early if you are concerned about your audio.
  • If there is no one waiting to speak feel free to do so at the next opportunity.
  • If there is someone waiting to speak, please say that you are raising your hand in the google call chat. (This will be demonstrated)
  • Please refrain from other side conversations, these can be distracting for the rest of the meeting and make it difficult for the chair to keep track of what's going on.

Officer Reports

Treasurer & Budget

Bank balance $91,203.30
Emergency Fund ($30,000)
Allocated to Zones/SIGs/etc. ($27,751.41)
Allocated to Expansion (MEDC) ($31,488.27)
Net $1,963.62
    • Tax penalty of $50 / day for 2018, 2019 was about $7K. Paid and appealing with the IRS, hopefully they will refund some of this.
      • Might take up to 6 months.
      • Need to call every 7 weeks to reset the clock and not incur additional penalties.
    • Everyone on the board should have read access to quickbooks to look at any details.
    • Now have an operating funds page that shows things other than expansion.
    • Overall, revenue is down. If things were normal, which they are not always, income is slightly less than expenses.
    • Expect to need emergency funds in about 18 months based on this delta.
    • Zones should spend MEDC by November, so we can get the report in by the end of the year.
    • When is the grand opening?
      • Around Halloween might be good. Grand opening in the day, followed by a Halloween party.
      • Could do a weekend thing.
      • Action item for somebody to do this thing.


  • Anyone want to be secretary? Happy to either be an assistant, or have one.
  • Will miss the fist October member meeting.


  • No updates to COVID rules.
  • Thinking of some clarifications in the future.
  • Working on a mural for outside the space. Will need a permit from the city. Have the OK for the landlord. Hope to get something done before winter.

Senior Vice President

  • Some impromptu tours have happened!

VP of Activities & Classes

  • Up coming Events Calendar
  • Not many classes.
  • New virtual eLab PCB Sig on Mondays

VP of Membership-Onboarding

Membership changes since last meeting:

  • 6 Potential members started Onboarding
  • 2 Members completed onboarding
  • 2 Scholarship renewals
  • 1 Scholarship expiration
  • 2 Scholarship starts

Scholarship fund update:

  • 13 Members on scholarship
  • $597 Allocated (24.5% available)
  • Average value of $45.92/scholar
  • Net change of +2 dues-paying members and +1 scholarship since last meeting
  • Tours are happening. Would be helpful to have more people give tours.
  • The value listed per scholar is how much i3 is funding.

Member Advocate

  • Report for member dispute should be uploaded. Please confirm that the board has access.
  • No new issues.

Committee Reports

CRM Committee

  • No meeting

Fundraising Committee

  • No meeting, might have been something in slack.

Safety & Compliance Committee

  • Cintas has been contacted to schedule an appointment. They replied that September 15 at 11am was their availability. Jan had offered to meet, but would be out of town then, so a notice was mentioned on slack and Mel offered to meet the rep. Don't have confirmation from Cintas on the 15th, but we'll know tomorrow if it happens as sort of scheduled.
  • Need someone to fill in for the committee.
  • Looking for past reports, but have not located them yet. 2019 contract is the only part located so far.
  • A notice for future volunteers to safety committee was mentioned on slack and should probably be listed among available volunteer opportunities when we next send an email out. As we don't have a committed safety committee person.
  • Reports only expected in July.

Moderation Committee

  • No update.

Old Business

Motion to approve last months minutes
Moved by None, Seconded by None
0 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

Camera Review Review

  • A camera review was conducted on August 30th to collect information on a member dispute. Membership notified via email

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting

  •  ?
  • Mike will try to update from next month.

Outstanding action items

  • None

New Business

  • Working on access updates to Google Drive and other things. Most of this should be nearly done.
  • Officially appoint kiln-clay coordinator. Summary notes: We have two volunteers. Rick Cortright had volunteered to take over temporarily but also was interested in staying in longer term. Roger responded as interested to an email call for volunteers. Seeing as there are two volunteers, Jan contacted them both. Rick would like to stay, Roger is happy with whatever, and had also mentioned he would take over whenever Rick wanted to move on.
    • Want clarification from Roger, and if he agrees, then will do an email vote to appoint Rick and Roger as co-coordinators.
Action Item: Jan - Communications with Roger.
  • Should we do a meet and greet for the board?
    • Want to do something on the 4th Tuesday [28th] if that works.
    • Sounds like a good idea. Meet at i3, and outside would be good.
    • Challenge to coordinate schedules.
  • How are we going to handle appointments for officers and zone coordinators.
    • Should check with existing coordinators to confirm if they wish to continue. Would like to only seek new volunteers for those positions that we need openings for.
    • Just put out calls for officers.
    • How does the Sr. VP feel? Good with it.
    • Activities & Classes. Put out a call, if someone else wants to, can provide guidance.
    • VP of Membership. It's more automated now, so fine doing both? It's ok to see if anyone else wants to do this.
    • Member Advocate. Can keep doing but would be good to have 1 or 2 additional advocates.
    • When visiting other hacker spaces, one had a concept of the outgoing officer nominate and provide replacements.
    • Hope to have the status for coordinators by the next board meeting.
Action Item: Evan - Send coordinator communications


Action Item Summary

Action ItemPOC
Send coordinator communicationsEvan
Communications with Roger.Jan

Proposal Summary

ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Motion to approve last months minutesNoneNone00PASS

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 21:28
  • Funds appropriated: $0
  • Attendees: 13


  1. Jan Henry
  2. Jody Raiford
  3. Matt Carpenter
  4. A’Lisa Krawciw
  5. Jamie Burdeski
  6. Mike Fink
  7. David Henry
  8. Drew
  9. Paul Lee
  10. Mark F
  11. Evan
  12. Rick
  13. Ashley

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