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Agenda for 01-01-2020


Meeting Location

i3 Detroit 1481A Wordsworth St. Ferndale, MI 48220

Meeting was Called to Order At: XXXXXXXXX

Officer Reports

Treasurer & Budget

Treasurer's report: https://www.i3detroit.org/something

Bank balance $
Emergency Fund ($)
Allocated to Zones/SIGs/etc. ($)
Allocated to Expansion (MEDC) ($)
Net $



Senior Vice President

VP of Activities & Classes

VP of Membership-Onboarding

Member Advocate

Committee Reports

Bylaws Committee

CRM Committee

Expansion Committee

Fundraising Committee

Safety & Compliance Committee

Moderation Committee

Limited Use Approval Committee

Camera Review Review

Old Business

  • Motion:
    Motion to approve last months minutes
    Moved by Mover; Seconded by Second
    Ayes Ayes / Nays Nays
    Result: PASS

Summary of Board List/Slack Discussions since last meeting

New Business

Action Items

  • Action Item: Wiki - Move this action Item to the next meeting automatically
Make tomatoes officially a fruit (tabled)
TODO:Settling whether they can be added to a fruit salad
Moved by xXx; Seconded by XxX
7 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS
  • also break action item formatting in called location if possible.

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Funds appropriated:
  • Attendees:

Action Item Summary

Action ItemPOC
Move this action Item to the next meeting automaticallyWiki

Proposal Summary

ProposalMoved BySeconded ByAyeNayResult
Make tomatoes officially a fruit (tabled)xXxXxX70PASS


  1. Chair
  2. Secretary