Minutes:Covid Policy Meeting Minutes 20200922

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Minutes for 09-22-2020

Chair: Jamie

Meeting Location


Meeting was Called to Order At: 7:30

Old Business

Completed Action Items

  • Add phone number and how to report unsafe working things to the relevant forms and send email to the list Jamie and Mel
    • Partially completed - see new business
  • Post summary of minor waiver changes to #space-business and/or other slack channels Jamie
    • Completed, see topic for details
  • Create committee wiki page and start populating it with the history of our decisions & reasoning and whatnot Jamie

Incomplete/Tabled Action Items

Tabled list from last meeting - don't need to review all of these

  • Make wiki page for physical response plan with picture, put in colored folder and add to kerbal coat hangar with note to not move. Que
  • Reformat zone guidelines to reflect new format Que
    • Started
  • Work with ZoCos to commonize zone best practices to not explicitly insist on sanitizing every lightswitch Committee
  • Add guidelines in new rules to use B-side/outside for classes/socialization Committee
  • Add sections to best practices for Hand tools, computer use, and sanitation Que
  • Turn the covid best practices into a more FAQ Que
  • Work with Commons & classroom ZoCos to move tables & chairs to B-side Committee
    • Pending Temporary CoO being granted
  • Work with the board to create a new best practices blurb linking to the a board covid disciplinary policy sheet Tabled-Committee
    • board still working on this, their blurb is expected by the end of September
  • Start brainstorming ventilation improvement ideas with infrastructure Committee
    • Tabled until after rules rewrite is complete
  • Investigate ways to physically separate work stations. Ie. OSB or Plexiglass separating the laser stations Committee
    • Tabled until after rules rewrite is complete

Minors as guests

  • Jamie pinged space-business and infrastructure in slack to get buy-in outside of the covid committee
  • Proposed minor waiver using Google forms
  • Want to continue looking into plug-ins for signatures to protect us better before sending this out to the list
  • Once we get a better signature block, Jamie will ping mailing list with both content & technical direction of waiver

New Business

Recurring New Business

  • Committee member changes: none
  • New executive orders: none
  • Wiki/website check: all good

Paperwork updates

  • Added to membership rules agreement: "To report unsafe working conditions at i3 due to Covid-19 concerns or any other concern, email the member advocate (advocate@i3detroit.org). If there is an immediate & urgent danger, please also email board@i3detroit.org or otherwise get in contact with leadership. "
  • Added to health screening form: Phone number
  • Email sent to the list

Rules Rewrite

Current Summary of changes

  • Allows classes, training, social gatherings, and tours in addition to project work
  • Removes explicit rules for cleaning surfaces/washing hands and replaces with simple guidelines
  • Generally re-organizes sections to separate day-to-day operations vs administrative monitoring, etc.
  • Allows minor guests over 10, using existing standing rules for Minor Waiver
  • Needs links added, otherwise good to send out. Will send it out first as a google doc before making it a formal proposal.

Best Practices Updates

See COVID-19 Best Practices for current

  • Started standardizing Zones with
    • Occupancy
    • High Touch Surfaces Special Cleaning
    • Equipment Restrictions
    • Zone Money Box
    • Offsite use
  • Open to changing these headings - the worst of the work was just getting them in any kind of standard format
  • Will need to run these by each ZoCo for accuracy
  • Need to add a section on hosting events before making proposal, everything else is just continuous improvement

Next Meeting & Other timing

  • 10/6: Next member meeting
  • 9/29: Date to post a fairly final proposal to the list to get it on the agenda without being dicks
  • Probably won't have another formal meeting before sending out proposal, just discussion on slack

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:10
  • Attendees: 5

Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

No proposals.


  1. Jamie
  2. Mel
  3. Ashley
  4. William
  5. David