Minutes:Maker Faire Meeting 20160628

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Project submissions

  • anyone know of people who have talked about submitting projects but haven't yet? need project pushers to talk to individuals to remind them to submit
  • anyone know of projects that you've seen in the space that you think would be cool? need people to talk to project owners to see if they'd be willing to show at maker faire

Party Flyer

  • deadline to submit this to Shauna if we want extra publicity is July 1st
  • Is there a party theme that should be incorporated?
  • Any other ideas for artwork?
  • Any special details to include that are different from last year - specific food, advertise DJ, photobooth, etc
  • Need a description of party as well
  • Mike is working on this with help from Sam

Scheduled demos

  • need to submit a schedule to Shauna this week - July 1st
  • Confirmed Demos
    • embroidery
    • vinyl cutter/heat press
    • LEDs/soldering wearables
    • Lacework
    • Little laser cutter
    • Painting
    • Jan is planning to do a mini-cupcake demo thing with the dollhouse
  • Maybes
    • Danny mentioned doing a demo of costume-making but i haven't heard from him in a while - someone to poke him?
    • Gilding - Kevin - maybe
    • Letterpress - Kevin/Ashley
    • Jude has said she could do some steam-punky demos (I have completely forgotten what specifically)
    • Injection Molder?
  • Like the idea of breaks between demos - maybe an hour each
  • Have schedule of "core events" and then we can add more
  • some demos would require equipment from the space - need to consider special accomodations
    • make sure to test equipment in a similar environment as the tent
    • we can store equipment inside the museum overnight/if it rains
    • might still be good to have platforms for things that sit on the ground?
    • Cover/tarp plan for equipment
    • any special power requirements
  • Logistics
    • Originally I was thinking there would be one demo table in the middle-ish of the tent that we would rotate people/equipment through
    • Some equipment/supplies are too cumbersome to move around super easily
    • Enough demos to have simultaneous demos

Tent layout

  • working on this now
  • need to get the dimensions of art gallery type stuff or anything else that's not a table
  • don't exactly know where the poles will be on the outside of the tent, so the entrance might be in a slightly different place
  • no poles on the inside of the tent this year, so that'll make layout easier
  • tentatively planning to have most of the tent walled off except the entrance
    • or do we need two entrances? (entrance/exit?)
    • need to consider air flow inside the tent
  • Want a PR table?
    • There's going to be some monitors with the Suburban tool video - that's pretty good PR
    • Could just have i3 representatives circulating throughout the tent with brochures and information about the space
  • I still want a big banner out front of the tent
  • Is there any project that can go outside the tent to draw people in?
  • Hula hoop next to dollhouse

Call for volunteers

  • Volunteer sign-up form wasn't super successful - most of the people who signed up so far are just going to man their own projects
  • As more smaller projects come in for the gallery etc. this will change
  • Just going to start a spreadsheet with names of people getting wristbands - email each project owner to ask if they have volunteers
  • Anyone who submitted a project gets a wristband, at our discretion (they should at least show up to the tent)
  • Charlie or I can pick up all of the i3 wristbands at once, or let people get them from the gate
  • We should probably get a few extra wristbands to make sure we have enough for any last-minute changes or people being confused
  • We'll need to push for volunteers for certain tent-wide things - I need to make a list of exactly what. one or two people to assist with demos would be good
  • Planning to start this after July 1st deadline for other things
  • Maker Faire After party volunteers
  • State official guidelines in Call for Volunteer
  • Volunteer to coordinate wristbands at the gate - general switchboard - post phone number
  • Ask in call for volunteers where they want to pick up
  • Call for photographers
  • Water bottles to be brought? Coolers?
  • general gophers

Building/making/buying stuff for the tent

  • Display cases - Greg/Kevin/David(?) - Greg will probably need money
  • Walls
    • art gallery walls - 6 of these from last year
    • David and Jan have 20 feet of wall, but will use some of them for
    • blackout walls- make with fabric and staples?
    • "Drop pipe" - can rent walls - joseph will ask for more information
    • Can maybe ask Shauna if THF has any extra we can use
  • Signage - Dana
  • How many banners to hang inside and where?
    • Just need to make sure we have rope to hang them with and volunteers to hang them on Friday night
  • Tablecloths - I thought they were cool last year, but they were hard to keep on tables.
    • Binder clips, double-stick tape, weights? tablecloth clips
    • Need to order more probably - how many do we have and how many do we need?
  • Stand for the big banner to go outside, but that needs to be started soon or scrapped - need volunteers to build and materials
    • Could buy 2 Umbrella stands
  • Do we have enough brochures or other promotional material? - check with Charlie


  • No reservations yet
    • Need driver to drop off/pick up
    • David will do Friday - 20'
    • Glen Moore has van
    • Tom Nardone has van
    • Ask on list for vans and pick up trucks

Learn to Solder

    • Radio Shack is sponsoring
    • Plan for it not being next to the i3 tent