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Meeting Minutes of 05-12-2009


Coffee Beanery, Berkely


  • Ted Hansen
  • Toby
  • Mike Bader
  • Joe Becker
  • Ken Grundberg
  • Nate
  • Gib
  • Kevin
  • Matt
  • Rashad
  • Brad


New Members & Orientation

3 or 4 new members at this meeting. Some discussion of the goals, purpose and structure of the organization.

Organization and Founding

It was generally agreed that we'll be ready to hold a 'Founding Meeting' in early June. The purpose will be to make some formal organization, elect officers and adopt bylaws.


Collected $5 from each member attending. This is to file paperwork to establish the corporation. Our treasury now holds the staggering sum of $55.


Lots of discussion of fundraising ideas. Ted will compile these on a wiki page: Fundraising Ideas


Discussion of how and where to recruit more members. Ted will compile these on a wiki page: Recruiting Ideas


Discussion of project ideas. Ted will compile these on a wiki page: Project Ideas

Show & Tell

Ted brought in the animatronic zombie baby.

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