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Meeting Minutes of 07-07-2009


Coffee Beanery, Berkley Mi


  • Ted Hansen
  • Russ Wolfe
  • Nate Bezanson
  • Ed Platt
  • Matt Switlik
  • Tobias Hackstock



We collected our first set of Monthly Dues this week along with Donations to i3 Detroit. Each Member either paid their $50 monthly membership dues and some donated extra to increase our Bank Totals. All members filled out the membership agreement form.

Total Raised $912.00


We prepared for our up and coming Recycle Day Event and scheduled a working session to create signs for the event. We will be meeting at Ted's House on Thursday evening at 7:00 P.M

Articles of Incorporation

  • The i3 Detroit Articles of Incorporation have been filed with the State of Michigan.

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