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Meeting Minutes of 07-14-2009


Coffee Beanery, Berkley Mi


  • Ted Hansen
  • Russ Wolfe
  • Nate Bezanson
  • Ed Platt
  • Matt Switlik
  • Mike Bader
  • Bruce Webber
  • Trevor Cook
  • Nathan Warwick


New Members

New Member recap of what has been going on with i3 Detroit and our current status


We discussed what the next events that i3 Detroit would like to be apart of and how to raise new membership awareness.

Some of the ideas:

- Dally in the Alley Booth

- DIY Street Fair Ferndale ( $200 +$20 application fee for a 10x10 tent booth with electricity)

- i3 Detroit Swap Meet

We discussed the importance of our next event needing to get people involved and interact with i3 Detroit members to increase the awareness of i3 Detroit.

We will be deciding if we want to be apart of the DIY fair at next weeks meeting. Registration is due by August 1st 2009

Possible Classes

  • Intro to Adrunio Programming
  • Smart Home Design Class
  • Monthly Make Magazine Projects

Incorporation Status

  • i3 Detroit is now a registered Non-Profit Incorporation with the State Of Michigan
  • i3 Detroit now has a Federal Tax ID number
  • Russ to open a Bank Account with Credit Union One for i3 Detroit

Next Weeks Meeting Agenda

  • We have decided to hold an i3 Detroit Build Party next week. The group has decided to have the first 20 minutes of our meeting be the usual business items then following we have decided to build Bristlebots and race them for fun.

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