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Meeting Minutes of 09-15-2009


i3Detroit 322 E. 4th St. Royal Oak, MI


Existing Members - Phil Frost, Brad McMahon, Edward L Platt, Toby, Matt Switlik, Ted Hansen, Nate B, Russ Wolfe, Rashad

New Members - Michelle Becker

Guests: Matt, Paul


Evil Dead the musical set building Project. Members approved using space for Ted & Michelle's project provided it doesn't interfere with ongoing construction and painting.

New member, Michelle Becker.

Build Out: Progress is good. Painting can hopefully bes scheduled for next week. Floors to be painted after walls are done.

Grand Opening: planned date 10/3. Plan to send out some paper invitations to VIPs, post names to mailing list.

Classes: Schedule is being worked out on the mailing list. Continue to email with proposed dates/times and class descriptions.

Insurance: Quote is higher than expected due lack of fire suppression and other factors. $110/month. Russ is getting more quotes.

Standing Rules: Start posting ideas to the list.

LAN party in October 10/11, related to Zombie Walk,. Swit is organizing. $10+ donation. no beer. attendance max To Be Determined.

T-shirts: Swit will order 25, sold at $10 to members.

Twohands documentary project plans to visit 9/23.

Tiered Dues/Discount Dues. Lots of discussion, talking stick largely ignored. Consensus reached: Five slots for discounted memberships of $50/Month. Discounts to be nominated and approved by membership.

Discounted memberships, two nominations approved by membership: Rashad, Tommy.

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