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Meeting Minutes of 10-13-2009



  • 322 E. 4th St.
  • Royal Oak, MI


~12 people.

Attendees: See the sign in sheet


New person introduction

  • Special guest: Chris (Kive) from the Atlanta Hackerspace Freeside

Membership drive

  • still need new members

Cereal Bar

  • 10/22 6:30am to 8:30am
  • have breakfast together, get people in the space, social event
  • if successful, it could be a monthly thing

New / upcoming classes

  • radio theory (practice) part 2
  • web servers part 1 and 2
  • HTML and CSS
  • 'web wednesdays' - programming / web development classes every Wednesday
  • keep ideas coming, if you know someone who knows something
  • arduino class? arduino night? Microcontroller Monday?
  • two big requests right now: Arduino and Blender

Project area

  • per-member space for projects
  • storage room?
  • need to clean out the storage room and see how much space is in there

Standing rules (Nate)

  • they're better, but still not ready, check out the wiki page
  • can a spouse use your credentials?
  • Chris (Atlanta fellow): we have household memberships (kids, spouses, etc.)
  • that sounds pretty good, let's post it to the mailing list
  • next update on standing rules: next Tuesday

Automated dues payments (Ed)

  • checked with the USPS, we do have an address (322) but we're marked as vacant
  • we theoretically could set up a mailbox
  • checked with credit union, two options: 1.) send out physical checks 2.) do wire transfers (which involves fees, difficult to set up, have to give account numbers out)
  • Chris (Atlanta fellow): we used paypal, it sucked, so we added google checkout, we are also building a member management system, paypal fees are lower for 501c3, it's important to make it easy for people to give you money
  • easiest way right now is to have checks sent via billpay to Ed's office (talk to him for address), or paypal ($103 to include the paypal fee), or bring your money to a meeting

Open floor

  • easy meetings woo!
  • Ted: FIRST robotics kickoff, propose to donate memberships, also propose we sponsor the team to work on the robot in the space for the duration of the build season (starting january)
  • minors in the space? does our insurance say anything about that? (they do say 18 and up)

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